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Private Property

Don Stott

One of the most important facets of freedom, and a free people, is private property. Our Fifth Amendment states that, “No state shall…deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law..” Even Jesus said, at Matthew 20: 15, “Is it not lawful for me to do what I want with my own things?” John Locke, in 1690 wrote, “The reason why men enter into society is the preservation of their property.” James Fenimore Cooper, in 1838, in his ‘The American Democrat’ wrote, “Property is desirable as the ground work of moral independence, as a means of improving the faculties, and of doing good to others, and as the agent in all that distinguishes the civilized man from the savage.” Without the ability to own something, be it yourself, a home, farm, auto, business, or for that matter, any tangible thing, civilization would decay and crumble. To that end, Karl Marx, in his Communist Manifesto wrote in 1848, “You reproach us with planning to do away with your property. Precisely, that it just what we propose.”

Look at those who do not own property, and see what it brings. Public housing is classic. Those who live in government housing, care virtually nothing for it. They urinate down elevator shafts, steal everything not bolted down, and deface and destroy everything. Twenty years is about the life of public housing, before it must be demolished. Rentals of apartments or cars? Ask any landlord or car rental agency, if you wish to hear tales of woe. If a person doesn’t own a thing, they will not care for it, other than in rare exceptions. Property ownership is of paramount importance, if we are to be free.

Bureaucracy and government seem to currently believe it is their job to deprive us of our property rights, denying us the use of them with zoning, building codes, safety issues, materials issues, or hundreds of rules and regulations, supposedly to protect the body politic, but millions of examples of sheer abuse of power by government appointed ‘protectors,’ and ‘administrators,’ paint shameful pictures of government gone awry, with the abuses growing daily.

I recently was sent video tape of multiple arrests and Park Police brutality at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C. Citizens who the cops thought should not move their bodies in a way they considered ‘dancing,’ although no law or regulation was being violated. Handcuffs and a night in jail were given to totally innocent citizens. The personal property of their bodies was taken from them.

When the means of production and productive property is confiscated by government, inefficiency, high cost, and low variety are the result. When government took over GM and Chrysler, bureaucrats decided that many dealerships should be closed, even though they were profitable and individually owned. Disaster resulted, and it cost $18 billion, not counting the un-resolved lawsuits, lost businesses and jobs. Currently, the Silver Eagle, made by the U.S. Government Mint at West Point New York, is $4.00 over spot, and a beautiful silver round made by a private mint in Idaho, is 85 cents over spot. Both contain exactly one ounce of .999 pure silver. The U.S. made, one ounce Gold Eagle, is about $60 over spot, whereas a one ounce gold bar made by a private bank in Switzerland, is but $19 over spot. Both contain one ounce of pure gold, and the one ounce Credit Suisse bar even has serial numbers.

Government steals out private property with myriad taxes and the Federal Reserve. Government idiocy caused the Great Depression, as well as the one we are currently in, and is making the same mistakes over and over again…stealing our private property… with our money, safety, will, desires, and abilities.

Thousands of examples of huge government waste can be dredged up from any newspaper morgue, and daily examples of government waste and excesses abound with little effort of discovery by a person with but minimal skills of reading and examination. American government, especially since the Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his Democrat Congress, has systematically removed private property rights from citizens, by regulations, laws, and processes, which thwart the basic right to do as Jesus said, ‘to do what I want with my own things.’

In addition, the basic private property of the mental capacity of citizens has been stolen by means of handouts, Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, endless subsidies, public schools, public housing, and government provided things too numerous to mention. Private property minds have been dulled with government propaganda and lies. Privately owned businesses, transport systems, theatres, and whole neighborhoods have been destroyed by government provided housing etc, which has created an underclass, bent on destroying everything in its grasp. Examples? I watched West Philadelphia destroyed by government created vandals; and any city has similar atrocities which can be easily documented. All the privately owned West Philly homes and business were torpedoed by government handouts and housing, causing huge losses to their former owners, who were pushed out to save their very lives.

Government has stolen our private property money, by endlessly debasing it with continual printing of un-backed dollars. Government has hocked us with devices such as the Federal Reserve, United Nations, International Money Fund, and World Bank, all of which siphon dollars, and provide nothing for the citizenry in return. Government has taken our private property rights by drafting and bribing young men into their armed forces, and taking them overseas to fight absurd wars.

Government has stolen our private property bodies and our ability to do, eat, and drink what we choose. Prohibition actually made Americans drink more than they did before prohibition, but created the FBI, plus millions of lawbreakers. The drug war (no, I have never taken any) has made millions go to jail, and the drug wars have savaged nations south of the border, with cartels bringing drugs into America. The private property of choice has been seized. Two other nations have legalized drugs with no increase in consumption and a lot less crime. Government rules, laws and bureaucracy, prevent farmers from growing what they want, the amount they choose, regulate prices they may receive, and prohibit certain farm products from production, under penalty of imprisonment, thus taking their private property rights.

When government owns or captures the means of production, we have a totalitarian system, such as now exists in Venezuela, where all means of production have been seized from their owners and nationalized. What happened? Graft, corruption, waste, and naturally, shortages of everything government took, be it oil, gasoline, food, or housing. It is a story as old as history itself. Will this continual theft of private property by government, turn America to a totalitarian state? Will our rights to own and use private property be continually taken from us? The next election will seal the book, but many think we have already passed the point of no return.

As a word to the choir, please note that gold and silver need no government backing or support for their value. They are self valued, and immune from government meddling and theft.


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