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Collapse Countdown Clock: “We Have Until July”

Mac Slavo

Collapsenet’s Michael Ruppert has issued an April 8, 2011 Emergency Action Alert to his subscribers, warning that we are months away from the onset of TEOTWAWKI (The End of the World as We Know It):

[Video follows excerpts and commentary]

This is an emergency action alert. This is probably the most important one, and the easiest one in terms of being able to figure out, that I’ve ever put out before. We have until July, at the latest, to prepare for complete economic pandemonium along with all the social unrest that has been building and fomenting and is now breaking out, even though the mainstream is trying to hide it.

While we generally prefer to shy away from date-specific predictions, Mr. Ruppert may be on to something.

The US economy is clearly under extreme pressure and has been haphazardly stabilized with a mishmash of government spending initiatives, Federal Reserve monetary machinations, and a healthy dose of optimism opium from the mainstream media – none of which have altered the fundamental, systemic problems that led to the crisis in the first place. In fact, one could argue that the excessive spending and monetary expansion have actually weakened the entire system, especially here in the US, by increasing our national debt to historic levels, while weakening the US dollar’s status in the eyes of the rest of the world.

All of the stated goals of the government-s interventionism have, for all intents and purposes, failed. Unemployment, while officially reported as improving, is actually worse when you count the total people without work, those working part time who want full-time work, and those who are no longer counted as looking for work because they haven’t been able to find a job for two years. Home prices continue to collapse nationwide. Foreclosures have not abated. Prices of essential goods like food and gas are approaching record highs.

The much touted economic recovery is a mirage. It is only a matter of time before we hit the next breaking point. And, according to Michael Ruppert, we may be looking at no later than July for the fireworks to start going off:

The logic behind this is incredibly simple. Quarterly earnings reports are the foundation of how the stock market works and even though I spent almost a lifetime documenting how corrupt every financial measurement is out there, the one thing that cannot ever be fudged because too many stock holders are there checking, are quarterly earnings reports from major corporations.

Ruppert says that there are numerous reasons why quarterly reports, set to be released in late July and August, will show the extent of the economic damage caused by the earthquake, Tsunami and subsequent nuclear crisis in Japan. If he’s right – and we tend to agree that it could be a shock to the majority of people who think everything’s under control and that the Japan crisis is just another in the latest string of reality TV shows – then this summer’s earnings reports could very well be the catalyst that re-collapses the entire financial system:

Everything from Asahi to Sony to Samsung to Toyota, Nissan, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Yamaha – all were going down in Japan and all are still shut down in various states of activity.

The follow-on effects due to the component shortage as a result of this are having big bites around the world. We know that six major German companies, I believe Siemens was one of them, have been drastically affected because they cannot get the microchips, the circuitry and anything else they need to put their products out on the line.

The interconnected, complex global supply chain is beyond stressed and the evidence surrounding that is clear.

Not only that. We have seen Toyota shut down all North American plants – that’s Mexico, Canada and the US.

What we look for now is the first three month period of operation around the world for corporations after the earthquake. You will see most of those earnings reports being published between June and July of this year…

…that will not be able to be hidden. The impact of global GDP will be devastating. The United States and especially, Canada.

…that is something that will send the markets absolutely into a panic because the markets are totally over-leveraged. Everything has been banked upon growth, GDP growth. Japan has in effect killed growth around the planet. It may have killed the global economy because that event is not over and we don’t know how much damage is yet to be done as a result of the radiation to that country and around the world.

One thing that Japan’s government, our government and the mainstream media have done is to ignore these facts and the potential adverse affects they could have on the entire global economy.

This is a crisis now on the order of Chernobyl, perhaps worse. But this time it didn’t happen in an isolated Soviet Union, but rather, to a major global player and trade partner.

Ruppert also points out that we have a real possibility of another European implosion resulting from Portuguese, Spanish and Italian debt problems.

Combine these international pressures with our domestic problems, and we could be looking at critical mass within the next several months. The financial system would react first.

What happens next is difficult to predict. The government and the Fed may have used up all of their silver bullets, and this could very well be the next down phase, a major down phase, in the global economic collapse.

The question, of course, is will it be an orderly collapse over months and years (as we have seen thus far), or will it hit the fan all at once leading to a worst-case TEOTWAWKI scenario?

Ruppert is not very optimistic:

We have between now and July to get ourselves as ready as possible, to feed ourselves, to protect ourselves, to keep ourselves warm, to stay out of the way as much as possible until things settle down. I really do not think that we will be living in anything like the society we have known, the civilization we have known, by this fall.

I’m as confident with this as I have ever been. This is a serious alert. We now have a calendar, we now have a clock. Get your stuff together no later than July, and that’s assuming that anyone of a half a dozen other things doesn’t go wrong to bring it about before that. But it’s pretty clear – a caveman could see it.

At SHTFplan, and the same holds true for Collapsenet, our goal is to inform about the possibility and likelihood of far-from-equilibrium events. Just as we awoke one day to find the financial system coming off its hinges in 2008, the real estate market collapsing, and stock markets crashing, we’ll wake up to another life altering disaster in the future. It could happen tomorrow. It could happen in July. It could happen two years from now.

Staying abreast of global events and their potential effects on the entire economic, financial, and geo-political systems of the planet is critical to understanding how to prepare yourself and your family. If you’re not ready yet, why not set a three month time frame to get as prepared as possible?

Today it’s theory. Tomorrow it may be reality.

Video: Michael Ruppert’s April 8, 2011 Emergency Action Alert:


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