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Japan Public Begins To Panic

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Japan is beginning to buckle and crack due to extremely high internal stresses that are causing the fabled acceptance of things as they are to break apart. Anxiety and anger are both rising rapidly now and the small disorders, now that shock is wearing off, are increasing. There are still no mass demonstrations, no riots. In the US, we have smallish disorders, too. But awareness that something is very, very wrong is rising. People want the dynamics here to change but are helpless about doing anything which is why Obama is bombing yet someone else. But our own economic situation is continuing to collapse internally despite ZIRP money which hasn’t rescued Japan, either, incidentally.

Before the 20th century, the only way to scare people about ‘End of World’ visions was to paint pictures of the Apocalypse or Hell. In Muslim countries, this was basically forbidden but in Buddhist or Christian countries, this was quite common. For at least the last 2 thousand years, pictures of destruction of humanity and the punishment of humans has been quite popular.

This is an interesting topic in itself. Ancient Ice Age cave paintings show the dynamism of wild animals with humans as scrawny figures but with a very important difference: they carry weapons. From 36,000 years ago to 12,000 years ago, the giant romping wild bulls or bears dominated the art (along with naked female statues, etc) but gradually, the depiction of the hunter grew in size and weapons in hand proliferated. During the cultures of ancient Egypt or above all, the Minoan palace culture, even when obsessed with death as the Egyptians were, their art was all about the pleasures of life and begging the gods to continue this pleasant activity whereas the Minoan art was nearly entirely about the pleasures of life, even the dangerous bull jumping games show happiness and excitement, not mangled bodies being tortured.

For some reason, our view of the world has darkened over time. Many of our movies and games revolve around scaring us to death. We view increasingly violent and bloody entertainments that would make an ancient Roman, a people very obsessed with bloody mayhem, blush and avert their eyes. Both the US and Japanese culture is very obsessed with violent, destructive entertainments. Gratuitous violence has so thoroughly taken over things, it now is often lovingly depicted in slow motion so we can savor the horror, linger of the shock and pain and suffering of the many, many victims and then view the blood splattering over everything in sight. Sigh. Yes, this entertains us greatly.

The Japanese culture is very repressive and the people live lives filled with a desire to not offend or be noticed while the subterranean world there, in entertainment, is extraordinarily violent and emotionally abrasive: Photographer battles with emotions as he confronts tsunami destruction head-on – The Mainichi Daily News

How am I supposed to share what’s actually happening at the disaster sites with our readers? There are weekly magazines that have published photos of dead bodies, and some argue that newspapers should do the same. Right now, though, I don’t know what the right answer is. Since the tsunami, I’ve had bad dreams numerous times. In those dreams, I try frantically to run to safety, but my legs refuse to move. Just as I’m about to be swallowed by a tidal wave, I wake up. I worry that readers would also suffer from nightmares if certain photos were to be published in the paper.

Regardless, I still recognize the significance of photography. On March 22, 11 days after the quake, I flew into Miyagi Prefecture’s Tashiro Island, located off the coast of Ishinomaki, on an SDF helicopter. Residents of the island were at a loss for words when they saw the newspaper I had brought with me. Radios had been their single source of information for over 10 days, and only when they saw the images of destruction were they able to fully comprehend how bad the situation was.

.This is the same in the US: even as we entertain ourselves with really violent, bloody mayhem, when Mother Nature or war comes along, we are supposed to avert our eyes, unable to emotionally handle scenes of mangled bodies and death and destruction???? Wow. This never ceases to amaze me. Far from being delicate, sheltered people, we are blasted with scenes of greatest violence every day and we want it this way. And it is creating a sense of doom and people are giving up hope for life which is why doomsday cults are flourishing.

Both the US and Japan are not optimistic cultures, we are death cults. This infects nearly everything we think and do and touch. This is why worries about possible future global warming focus only on the death aspects. When I agree, yes, it might get warmer, and then point out that Antarctica once had broad leafed trees and dinosaurs roamed above the Arctic Circle and life flourished, the death cultists in the environmental movement get angry with me.

I figure, the global warming mania is all about displacing real fears of real dangers which Mother Nature and the nuclear power industry are clearly showing us today. That is, there are some nasty forces at work in the world and we are helpless in the face of this. We can barely take any actions to protect ourselves from huge earthquakes and even bigger tsunamis and we certainly can’t stop a nuclear power plant meltdown once it begins.

I have had tsunami dreams myself, in the past. The sense of helplessness, the inability to run away, the horror as the water rapidly traps us in rooms is a primal dream storyline. But I also have had dreams of nuclear war which are even scarier. It is like watching a tsunami approach as the shock wave and black wall of Stygian darkness moves at the speed of sound and you know you will die, be incinerated and blown away…a primal horror image created by human malice.

We are always on the cusp of nuclear war. But people nervous about the End of Times are more worried about it getting warm enough for trees to grow again in Antarctica rather than on the idea that we could destroy human civilization in a nuclear war or a series of smaller wars which bomb nuclear power plants (this is something that has a 100% chance of happening in the next 50 years!!!!). You don’t need to nuke a country, as Israel has shown when they bomb nuclear power plants in say, Iraq, to have something as nasty as a nuclear bomb event. Just bomb one of the many nuclear power plants the environmentalists want us to build all over the third world and our own home states.

Back to Japan: the growing collective nervous breakdown is just beginning. I noted in the past that when a nuclear power plant has a radiation event, people living miles away have to be evacuated and…their pets are not allowed to leave, too so they DIE. Evacuees returning for pets : National : DAILY YOMIURI ONLINE (The Daily Yomiuri)

Alarmed by the danger of radiation exposure, the prefectural government has issued a strong warning to pet owners and others not to enter the area as long as the evacuation advisory remains in effect.

A member of an animal protection body working in disaster-affected areas quoted a woman evacuee from Namiemachi, Fukushima Prefecture, as saying over the phone in tears, “We left our cat behind at home, and we don’t know what to do.”…The prefectural government asked the central government on Wednesday to impose a total ban on entering the 20-kilometer evacuation zone by making evacuation from the area mandatory. Some residents who lived inside the evacuation zone have returned to retrieve valuables, the prefectural officials said..

The pet owners in Japan are defying the government. They were lied to and told to leave their pets at home because they would be out of home for maybe three or four days. Instead, it is now weeks and two days ago, the government said casually, this will go on for months. We know from Chernobyl, this will go on for years and years and years…to the end of human civilization, I presume.

This total ban on going home to collect some of one’s life belongings is a salient feature of all major nuclear power plant failures. Anyone living within a 30 mile radius of ANY nuclear power plant should be told, they will lose nearly EVERYTHING in some probable and possible future. This should impress on them all, the true social costs of nuclear power. I would suggest having all the people and there are literally possibly millions of people, be given a document to sign saying they understand they could be made homeless and lose absolutely everything but the clothes on their backs.

Then see how many support having these things next door. I wouldn’t want to live with this hanging over my head! The social collapse in Japan has many facets, one of the biggest and nastiest is suicide: Woman jumps to death after parents’ stabbing. It seems the unmarried adult daughter murdered her parents who she lived with (it is increasingly common in Japan for children to never leave home). Her father recently retired.

Man held over threat to blow up school: a 38 year old man dropped out of his high school and then, right after the tsunami event, decided to talk about blowing it up. Many refugees from the nuclear power catastrophe are now being settled in abandoned schools. Moving them out again will be probably in the far future unless they get organized and begin protesting their declining position and status. Much of Japanese anime is obsessed with school life. And in the US, stresses in society are showing up in school massacres and mayhem leaving sometimes many children dead.

Definitely, stresses are rising rapidly due to the nuclear power plant mess. Unlike the tsunami which was far more than the government could stop so few are blaming the government for that catastrophe. But the nuclear power plant mess has many dire implications, namely, all of Japan’s plants are, as I have pointed out in the past, similar. In that they can all eventually be destroyed in similar ways. This is due to Japan being one of the world’s least geologically stable countries and we know that MANY countries are geologically unstable including California and the Mississippi Valley regions in the US. asahi.com Embattled TEPCO now facing a harsh public backlash – English

Masataka Shimizu, president of Tokyo Electric Power Co., left, apologizes on March 13; Bottom: TEPCO senior officials kneel to apologize to people forced to evacuate their communities near the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant Thursday. (Asahi Shimbun photos) Because the initial complaints have escalated to threats and harassment, TEPCO has taken measures to protect the safety of its employees.

One measure being taken is to cover signs to company dormitories for TEPCO employees…On March 18, a 41-year-old man threw rocks into the grounds of TEPCO headquarters in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward. The man said he was angry because his train was delayed due to the rolling blackouts.

On Thursday, an unemployed man from Tokyo crashed into the gate to the Fukushima No. 2 nuclear power plant with a van and entered the grounds. The man was arrested on suspicion of breaking and entering….A male employee of TEPCO said, “Not only myself, but my family is also considerably troubled. My wife told me, ‘I feel the neighbors are looking at me in a questioning manner.’ “

Primitive gestures of submission are being used to placate the victims of Fukushima. But it isn’t enough, of course. All Japanese know deep inside, the people apologizing with head to the floor must now commit suicide. Of course, their won’t be demands they do this, but deep inside, this is what people feel. Increasingly angry, the Japanese social system is turning against the entire Tokyo Electric institution. The wives now will be given hostile glares. These are deadly in Japan. Social ostracism will grow. Even the ‘samurai heroes’ will feel this. Note how, in the US, the pro-rich, anti-tax GOP politicians turned against the 9/11 heroes who wanted health benefits after sacrificing their future health, trying to dig out the mess in Manhattan! Oh, the GOP called them names and called them greedy and tried to dismiss them. In Japan, the heroes there will be isolated and their families shunned just like the Hiroshima and Nagasaki victims were avoided and to this day, are not viewed as good marriage material, etc. Worried about the crumbling of social order, the media in Japan is striving to project a hearty ‘all is well’ attitude and is asking people to remain calm and not get all energetic about this catastrophe which is hugely due to government choices and private elites trying to get rich: Kaleidoscope of the Heart: Disaster anxiety disrupts judgment -By Rika Kayama, psychiatrist The Mainichi Daily News

.It is true that the crisis at the nuclear plant does not paint a pretty picture. It is feared that radioactive contamination of air and soil could continue for a long time. However, it is a big problem that some people outside of the disaster-hit areas, who need to support those in them, have stricken by panic and cannot lead their lives normally.

Close attention should be paid to the crisis at the nuclear power plant. However, I would like everyone to keep in mind that worry can breed more worry, robbing us of our judgment. We should continually ask ourselves if our worry is constructive, and try to stay calm when we can.

NO ONE can lead ‘normal lives’ now! This is due to the catastrophe itself. When Chernobyl happened, the Soviet Union collapsed and ceased to exist! These sorts of events have violent aspects that can take years to unwind. The quiet we see in Asia today is due entirely to the prevailing winds which move the toxic stew overseas rather than over Asia. But the winds will shift! Then, all hell will break lose, big time.

And the inept government of Japan that brought us ZIRP lending and a huge depression to Japan is screwing up again. Govt holding radiation data back / IAEA gets info, but public doesn’t : National : DAILY YOMIURI ONLINE This is what happens when a country has crushed the human spirit. Where are the crowds demanding information? Are people that disinterested? Or is this like when I was a child. Culture of Life Religious News: Strange Children, Lightning, Death and Art and Christmas: I was hit by a lightning bolt. Before it hit, I hid under the quilt on my steel frame Victorian bed thinking this would protect me.

Naturally, it did not do this at all. Hiding from reality doesn’t stop reality. The question here is, what do we do with reality? For example, Japan knew for generations that tsunamis are very dangerous yet much of the farmable land was in tsunami territory and fishing has always been a big source of protein in their diets so they lived with tsunamis for generations. The promise of the modern first world government that was the world’s #2 economy was, jobs would be created by the government which would build these huge dikes to keep out tsunamis.

Part of the reason why Japan is very deep in public debt is due to this energetic move to thwart nature. Instead, it was a near total failure. But there are no dikes to stop nuclear radiation. Japan’s Killer Quake | NOVA | PBS Video is a good watch to see how all of this unfolded over time. For example, Tsunami washed away 23 JR stations : National : DAILY YOMIURI ONLINE (The Daily Yomiuri) and fixing the damaged infrastructure, the crippled economy, the Gov’t wants more from BOJ to support economy after quake.

As I figured, Japan’s government, who threatened Russia with war last month over the ownership of some islands, has to crawl on the belly and beg for help: Japan seeks Russian help to end nuclear crisis | Reuters. China wants to help, too. And both Russia and China will make the Japanese imperialists pay very dearly for this. All chatter about Japan expanding its territory will have to be dropped, thank heavens. This could have started WWIII

Belatedly, TEPCO to offer provisional damages to people hit by nuclear crisis. Do they have enough money? In the US, the people whose lives were destroyed by the oil rig collapse were supposed to get money, too. But it has been proven to be very hard indeed. And the fishing community continues to die there. Tepco Dumping Toxic Water in Sea Angers Fishermen; Stock Plunges while S. Korea expresses concern at TEPCO’s release of radioactive water. Tokyo Electric doesn’t have the very deep pockets that BP has.

World oil prices continue to climb to $130 a barrel as the US barrels into one war after another against oil exporting Muslims. This is certainly hammering Japan, too. Their export finances depend hugely on selling Japanese cars which is in abeyance due to the electricity, transportation and port problems caused by the earthquake/tsunami. Indonesia is far from being as huge an economic presence on the world stage compared to Japan. So the ripple effect of all of this will impact everyone on earth in one way or another.

This all reminds us what destroyed the vibrant Minoan culture: a volcanic eruption followed by massive tsunamis. Just as the volcanic eruption in ancient Rome that buried the port towns south of Rome led to a feeling of doom which haunted Romans for generations, we have to respect the powers of nature and strive to understand this. The mess caused by nature would have been tolerable except the hand of this force moved to overturn just one set of nuclear power plants. So it became a very uncertain situation. Here is a photo of the smoke from Chernobyl I took from a video last night:

I know it is fuzzy. But what is important here, is the fact that this was a very narrow and dark stream of smoke exactly like the small stream of smoke from the smoldering ruins of Fukushima. That is, this isn’t a thick column of smoke, it is SMALL but PERSISTENT and it was a killer smoke. Highly radioactive. As is Fukushima. Most people don’t know how very, very closely both events now look. The damage is nearly identical! The smoke from nuclear meltdowns doesn’t have to be thick and heavy. Watch this PBS video: Revisiting Chernobyl: A Nuclear Disaster Site of Epic Proportions | PBS NewsHour | PBS Video

It just doesn’t stop. At all. It goes on and on and on and on. And on. For thousands of years! On and on! Never pausing! All we can do is try to entomb it! Gah! Humans can’t even entomb pharaohs for thousands of years! Eventually, someone has to go inside the pyramid to pry out the treasures. This is human nature. Chernobyl’s crypt is gradually being pried open by the dragon fire deep inside. And we will have to build a much, much bigger one and of course, the workers can’t work there! So how do you do this? Ah, this is the question with no good answers at all. Maybe, have a glacier bury it for thousands of years. Anti warming people should endorse this. Get things cold enough (a Yellowstone volcanic event could do this but this would bury the Pacific Northwest in lava!) this is doable in a horrible way.

And this is how we evolved: fighting off the cold, dealing with Ice Ages. This is what launched humans to leave the jungles of Africa and spread across the planet, the Ice Ages turned us into efficient killers.


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