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Hidro FREE renewable energy

James Kwok

“Here’s good advice for practice: go into partnership with nature; she does more than half the work and asks none of the fee.” -Martin H. Fischer

New ideas for a better world...Hidro FREE renewable energy

Engineer James Kwok is the pioneer behind the Australian company Hirdo.

Hidro is the only Australian company to have a PROVEN, patented commercially available self sustaining free energy principle -Ready to be deployed world wide. James Kwok is the inventor of numerous patents covering renewable energy technologies -Including a vortexodial turbine for wind energy; a vortexodial turbine for wave energy plus a Solar-Prism for solar PV.

James is thus no stranger to renewable energy inventions. However in the Hidro case James has been able to think out side of the square of most inventors and formulate a working FREE energy principle that is emission free, high capacity and a self sustaining continuous generator. This means no energy input is needed after the first phase. The user does not need to input any fossil fuel, solar, batteries, wind or wave power to make it work.

Has Hidro won the noble prize? NO, is Hidro being used by governments to stop poverty, save the tax pater money and cut the carbon foot print? NO. Is the Hidro principle taught at the faculty level? NO. Is there any government incentive to purchase and change over from fossil fuels to Hidro? NO.

The operation of Hidro is a new discovery which can advance education.This new discovery works with a combination of gravity, buoyancy, gas density differences and pressure gradients to create a water pressure energy conversion.This produces CONSTANT motion. All these make it possible to harness energy freely from the environment. The technology parallels that of a submarine, which uses buoyancy, gravity, gas density and hydrostatic pressure gradients to ascend and descend. Hidro does the same but drives a generator through this motion. Nature puts in the excess energy produced.

The Hidro video was first posted back in 2008. Hidro has since had a booth at the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Exhibit UNCCC Cop 15 . They have also had their working principle mentioned by the IEEE.

“This Australian company uses a 15m water column with counterbalanced buoys to drive a linear generator. Compressed air is injected into a buoy, which floats to the top of the column. The air is released at the top, causing it to fall. The buoys are connected mechanically to a weight, and the up-and-down motion drives a linear generator as well as a piston or flywheel to generate electricity. The founders envision this as a distributed, base-load system. A set of 13 towers has approximately 1MW capacity.” (Dec. 12, 2009)

You can read additional technical details on the Hidro on James Kwok’s website. The Calculated comparison of Electrical Outputs produced by the Hidro have been tested and are well documented.

In 2008 Professor Ion Boldea of Politehnica University, Timisoara Romania, joined James Kwok as a co-developer in the Hidro+ Multi-module Tower Linear Electric Generator (MTLEG) technology. The Hidro+ MTLEG is a joint patent between James Kwok and Professor Ion Boldea, and is currently world patent pending. Prof Boldea has been a Fellow of the IEEE since 1996 and has published extensively, in English, on the subject of rotary and linear electric machines and drives in the last 25 years. He is author and co-author of 13 books published in the U.S.A. and U.K. and holds 20 Romanian patents and one American patent which is now a commercial product.

WO 2009/076727 Hydromatic Energy Generation System (PCT/AU 2008/001888)

WO 2008/037004 A1 A Energy Storage Device And Method Of Use (PCT/AU 2007/001417)

All the proof and capacity is present but remains neglected. It is 2011 and since 2008 there has been no mainstream media coverage, no interest by faculties or governments to deploy Hidro world wide. Hidro is economical in scale. At present the commercial cost for a 1MW Hidro Tower is approximately US$3.75 million. With maintenance & capital replacement this will cost approximately 1 cent/KW Hr to operate.

This is a cleaner and cheaper method to produce energy compared to the current steam turbines which produce power from burning coal. Hidro is also safer and cheaper electricity compared to the dangerous natural gas fracturing process. Hidro dwarfs both, it is cheaper and more carbon negative then coal and gas fracturing, plus more reliable then solar and wind power. But who is policing this? Who is policing the multitrillion dollar oil industry? Who is policing government or any faculties ignorance?.

Panacea’s proposed non profit research and development center is not only important to police any faculty neglect or worse. It is also imperative to assist inventors with the validation process and help upgrade the faculties curricular regarding NEW ENERGY discoveries. Real time progress requires conditions which prevent any interference. Many new energy discoveries like Hidro continue to suffer neglect and interference. These conditions cannot continue with specific infrastructure in place to police this issue.

Even if the Hidro device does not make it to the domestic market because of a failed business model. A new faculty specific for the NEW ENERGY engineering genre is still required to study, teach and preserve the new scientific discovery. What security is in place to preserve and study this knowledge if their company folds? Does the education system get upgraded with their new discovery? The principle has profound implications for humankind – To create energy independence and sustainability. Not to mention important in understanding the universe, ourselves and advancing education.

Does the commercial release ensure that the circular advances its education with the FREE energy device? The Panacea proposed granted non profit research and development center is intended to ensure the free energy principle is held in a public trust – This can additionally achieve remuneration for the inventors by the study of the device. All of which can still protect their intellectual property.

In mean time, the public are needed to lobby their elected officials to help integrate Hidro into power production. Hidro requires you to have experience in power distribution and hold a transmission license to operate their technology.Hidro is here to provide the much needed transition for renewable energies to become sustainable and economical, through harnessing the free, unchanging, constant we have in this world.

Hidro would go well powering a green festival like Greenfest. Greenfest can aid Hidro with a world wide educational launch of this technology. Hidro could power a section of the festival or be simply displayed to build consumer awareness and demand. Politicians visit GreenFest and other festivals of that nature. It is important that the public become aware that politicians can be made to go on record about knowing that this technology exists and remains neglected. Regrettably a self contained home power system is not currently being offered by Hidro to the domestic market. A 10-15KW version of this technology would end the need for energy cartels.

The world’s first Hidro electricity generator has been completed, proving Hidro is a scalable technology, which can reach the markets quickly and provide a clear & economic implementation strategy in both the developed and developing countries. This information needs your help to spread effectively through blogs, friends, community groups and the media.Please help forward this Page/Video to your government members and to as many as possible.

Despite Hidro having a working available device, their scientific find has no faculty recognition or security.

Their contributions can be secure and progress in real time in a grant backed research and development centre environment specific for this task.

If you’re a member of the public or scientific group which can aid in grants for the proposed granted non profit centre or help Hidro pleaseĀ contact Panacea.

Research Links

Peswiki.com- Directory:Hidro


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