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I’m No Economist, but I do have 2 cents to throw in towards this DEBT crisis…

American Sovereign

As the title of this article or rant or story states, I am not an economist. However, having survived a few months short of fifty years on this planet we all share, I would have to say I managed to handle my own finances fairly satisfactorily over the years, as I’m still here. I haven’t had to borrow money that I planned to be later skipping out on paying back. When we started the new decade, I started to cut spending to rein in my costs as I foresaw troubling time brewing ahead as jobs left this country.

Like most average Americans today, I do not have a lot of money both before and especially after I lost my job a few years ago. I certainly without any doubt believe our country is headed in the wrong direction as it appears more and more Americans are realizing.

Unlike many Americans my truck is over 20 years old. My computer? 11 years old. I have no dishwasher (other than the dog), no garage door opener, no big screen TV, no surround-sound entertainment system, no gaming systems, no cable, no GPS, no central air and no, not even a cell phone! Heck, a big splurge in spending for me is going out with a friend to a local Mom and Pop restaurant for an $8.99 dinner including salad bar and soup, where I will spend $12 total with the tip included. My frugality keeps my overhead costs at a minimum and I continue to survive even without traditional employment.

Survival, at least to me, follows right in line with an old saying that states:

What goes around, comes around.

This ages old saying still holds weight today, if not substantially more than ever in this whirlwind of DEBT that engulfs America and the world.

We all know it. The United States Federal Government is hopelessly bankrupt.

(Disclaimer – throughout this document, We or we is defined as being the 1.5 to 2.5 percent of Americans and/or people of the world who have woken up to the problems.)

The alleged burden of alleged debt being placed on alleged future wage earners through alleged taxation of alleged future jobs which do not yet exist is all just too much. Yes, I use alleged a lot because I feel the majority of us are treated just like mushrooms in that we are kept purposely in the dark and fed bull $h!t!

The word trillion is spoken on TV, radio and seen on the Internet as if we are talking about spending $200 on a night out for 2 dinner and a show. The numbers discussed will not fit on a small solar-powered calculator’s screen and the alleged Congress and omnipotent Central Bankers agree to keep kicking the can down the road and foot all of us with the bills for malicious fraud they perpetrated against us, our wealth and our property.

But we know that is impossible. The can cannot be kicked further down the road and the day of reckoning awaits. Most likely sooner than later. Certainly we all feel a sense of urgency towards a plan that will work for every American that saves our America, the land that we love. So I’d like to present for your consideration and your input, my ideas for use as solutions in America. I strongly feel that these ideas, when implemented, will also benefit others throughout the world as well.

Let me start with an example from the other day at that Mom and Pop restaurant…..

Now there’s a real funny thing about that $12.00 I allegedly spent in that restaurant. Did I really just spend $12.00 or did I just pass along someone else’s DEBT note because the merchant chose to accept it?

Well, I say I did the later. Correct? You best believe that is correct! Well that carries a rather heavy cost as we shall soon see demonstrated.

NOW, lets view how this transaction in supposed to take place in OUR free Republic, America. Please, I do not tolerate the use of the term Democracy when referring to your and my Republic. If you wish to argue Democracy, show me the term in the Declaration Of Independence or The Constitution because I have never found that term in either document.

I’m talking the way the Republic WORKS, as designed by our Founding Fathers, according to the Constitution for the United states of America, which was replaced, without our consent, with The Constitution Of The United States Of America, another corporation actually.

OK, Republic abiding by the Constitution, nothing complicated, we are Americans who form the body of people who are the country or nation. we are on a Gold standard according to our Constitution. Silver coinage is to be minted by the Treasury accordingly to meet with the public’s demand for use. Why? Because our Forefathers knew precious metals are the ultimate extinguishers of DEBT. The monetary supply can grow, and hence the nation, but that growth only occurs through honest labor with real resources. There is obviously a cost to that, but, in a Republic, the market is truly free to set it’s price for any given commodity, including precious metals.

So, for referencing this year of 2011 and putting it in the Republic, or reality as I like to say, instead of corporate fantasy legalese land, we need to visit good old http://www.coinflation.com as I am sure many of us do regularly. There we can truly see what is going on with real money as alleged in Central Bank fiat currency.

Monday, the alleged U.S. market was closed for President’s Day. But hey, that does not matter. we have a global economy now right? So, what did silver do in the alleged free global market we so graciously enjoy on President’s Day?

Wow! Silver closed at $33.91 up $1.25! OK, now let’s see what the melt values are…. Hmmm looks like a Barber, Walking Liberty or Franklin silver half dollar is melting out at $12.26. Wow, that sure is a lot for a fifty cent piece!
So, going back to the restaurant when my meal was finished. I can pay the cashier with a fifty cent piece, because it has held it’s value to extinguish debt and technically, I’m still due change, which would be left as the tip for the waitress.

From this profound truth, I find substantial proof that we are indeed in a depression!!!

As one possessing the power to ultimately extinguish DEBT, buying a filling meal and leaving a 30 plus percent tip with a silver fifty cent piece sure defines depression to me! At 30 percent that waitress would be glad to see come back in for another meal in hopes I sit at her waitressed table again leaving her another 30 percent tip!
So, we see a truth become an honest idea and therefore the first lesson learned:

Stop thinking in terms of FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES.

Please. It’s like discussing a used facial tissue for cripes sake! Yes, it is extremely hard to avoid the damn FRN’s as they are a plague upon our Republic. FRN’s stifle both our growth and our ingenuity. But think outside the brainwash box! Please! Let’s move back into the land we have forsaken – our Republic the way our Founding Fathers intended for us to live in America.

To re-enforce this truth, let’s have a look at an experience I had from just after the 2010 end of the year holidays.
I decided to stock up on some food staples as economics in the world was looking slim and prices were predicted to rise due to the Fed’s addition of Quantitative Easing funds into the world’s economy. I gathered my coupons and went to a Corporate store that features a food section. Upon entering the food section I couldn’t help but notice right away, on the end of an aisle, a large 2 for $4 sign in red and yellow. In the racks below the bright sign was generic house brand white or whole grain wheat bread loaves. Back in January of this year, silver had experienced a little alleged correction in the alleged free global market and a price tumble to $28, but a silver dime was still worth something like $2.02. That was when for some reason it really hit me right on head…..

A loaf of bread is a dime right now!

I exclaimed this to my friend who accompanied me on this shopping trip. The response I heard was, “What are you talking about? One loaf is $2 you idiot.”

My response was, “well, if you’re a Central Banker and think in terms of banker fiat currency I suppose that’s true. But in reality with real money that loaf is ten cents right now because a silver dime has a melt value of just over two bucks in banker’s currency.”

After I realized that bread was a dime a loaf I have to tell you, I really had more fun than usual in the store. I started to think outside of FRN’s at every price I looked at. 2 for $5 meant 2 for a quarter as the melt for a silver quarter was just over $5 that day. Milk was barely $0.17! As I filled the cart, I added up in my head what I was spending in the context of the Republic with real honest money of silver, nickel and copper coin. My total was $3.35 in real money and I had a heaping full cart. The worst deal was cereal, guess that remains high in price during a depression. I mean jeeze, it was like $0.35 or something for one box!

The next day, I stopped by Mom and Dad to check on them as they are up in years and I had to ask them how much a loaf of bread was in the mid 30’s. Immediate answer – ten cents. How ’bout a gallon of milk? Nineteen cents, sometimes fifteen cents on sale was that answer.

Wow, that tiny amount of silver that an old silver dime contains has a lot of buying power! Heck, I was not afforded the advantage of even considering the market manipulation that has been going on forever by the banksters. Even restoring the market to a more traditional silver to gold ratio of 16 to 1, then a silver quarter would certainly have bought the whole cart full of groceries plus a bit more!

Many people have strong belief, myself included, silver should be at parity with gold if not better than in alleged FRN value referenced price. So, we arrive at another truth that becomes our second lesson learned:
Physical precious metals can never have a value of zero.

We know the markets are rigged, so what can be done to put sand in the gears of the banker’s machine? Plenty and it’s really quite simple everyone. The point revealed here is we the people of the Republic can crash the rigged-against-us fiat currency system and in a sense this has started to occur and actually take hold.
Slowly, more and more Americans and people around the world are realizing they need an inflation hedge that protects their wealth. So they have turned to buying precious metals, especially silver because it’s always been the common man’s wealth and more affordable than gold.

The silver to gold ratio has been rigged to allegedly be somewhere around 50 to 1 on average since 1971. This keeps the industries that use silver happy. Most likely a big part of the reason it was de-monetized after ’64 when silver coins stopped being widely produced. Add to that the fact that inflation of the fiat currency was making the silver coins cost more than face value to produce. Much like a Silver Eagle now – you can’t buy that silver dollar with a fiat dollar, you need at minimum 40 of them if not more!

Recent action due to real, honest physical demand, a true free market of Liberty, has begun to overcome the market price rigging and recent silver price moves has closed the ratio down to 40 to 1. This MUST continue and exponentially increase and really quickly too. If we can force silver nearer to true market value, at minimum back to a 16 or 15 to 1 ratio, we will be in a much better financial position to handle things peacefully between ourselves when the global economy collapses which it undoubtedly will.

Keep buying silver at any chance you get, preferably on price dips or corrections, but realistically, to save ourselves, our country and the rest of the world from the Central Bankers’ grip, any price is good. Seriously. Silver is most likely not at all even near it’s true value as set by the alleged market. we need to get this job handled before the crash. So that means NOW America!

China actively supports and encourages precious metal purchases by it’s citizens and for good reason. Check Chinese history, the Central Bankers have never treated China well and I have reason to believe they would like to pay back England and the CB’s as well. I have reason to believe they will attempt to become the new world’s reserve currency no matter what the alleged New World Order has planned. China has been helping us in the silver market. I say that because China has continually took physical delivery as they have made purchases from the COMEX (CRIME-X) market and have drained the reserves.

This action by China, as well as actions of other non-CB people like Eric Sprott, have forced the silver market into backwardation. Backwardation is a situation where two things have occurred. First, the price in the alleged future is lower than the current alleged spot price. Second, there is little to no physical silver available to deliver until more silver is mined and processed, resulting in a delay for physical silver delivery of large purchases made fromCRIME-X, or a premium added to take a cash pay off instead of physical silver.

Continued buying of physical silver by as many of us as possible from our local coin dealers and favorite Internet bullion and coin suppliers will force the price to continue an upward trend irrelevant of what the alleged future long contract price is down to. Any increase in the price of silver when in backwardation will cost the banksters’ in their short position of silver and give us leverage against them for a change!

Haven’t we had enough of Central Banker games yet? I know I have for quite some time!

If you can’t afford silver, hoard nickels and copper pennies. What? Yes. These simple coins will allow you to feed yourself and your family when paper currency evaporates in value. Nickels are worth about seven and a half cents right now and copper pennies (pre ’82) are close to 300 percent of value at almost three cents each.

At any bank a box of pennies costs $25. Bring ’em home. Let the kids sort them out for something to do that’ll keep them busy. Set aside the copper pennies for your family and re-roll and take the scrap zinc pennies back to the bank and get another box. Right now, roughly 30 percent of that $25 box ($7.50) will be copper. Now that $7.50 can be multiplied by 3 basically, so it becomes $22.50, almost enough to pay for the box of pennies and you still have $17.50 in pennies to go back to the bank! Yes, the math is correct!

The 1982 pennies need to be weighed or bounced off a table or counter. A copper penny will “ring for Liberty” as the excellent video on youtube by SGTbull07 (check out his other videos too, he speaks from his heart) demonstrates and a zinc penny will sound flat. If you have a scale, a copper penny should be 3.1 grams, zinc pennies weigh 2.5 grams, so they can sorted that way as well.

Nickels are nickels period. They contain copper and nickel so there is no reason to sort through them. Buy the box at the bank and keep them in their rolls and in the box until you need to start using them for purchases after the paper dollar collapse.

The point of all of this being please have an edge BEFORE the $h!t Hits The Fan!
Education about real money is important for all, especially the younger people who are generations removed from silver coins in circulation. Teach them the difference using coinflation.com and show them the difference too in the physical coins of yesteryear and today. Children love to learn, regardless of what our government tells us that they need to be controlled with Pharmaceutical drugs and TV. Make it interesting and children will respond.

Remember, children are our future. Teach them about America being a Republic since the Public Fool System taught them to either take orders at McD’s, sell Hedge Funds or join the Armed Forces!

Shop at Mom and Pop establishments and make your purchases there whenever possible. Remember the local level is what matters most to all of us. Ask them if they prefer DEBT paper, plastic or silver coin as you show them some shiny silver when you are ready to check out. I read an article entitled “Paper, Plastic or Silver?” a while back that demonstrated the need for this to happen. I felt the author made a good point that you will be surprised how many will opt for the silver! I have tried this, using a print-out of the coinflation.com silver coin melt values for that day. The proprietor of that restaurant by me knows I pay in real wealth and I am now quite the preferred customer even though I am unemployed! I am also not going broke by only spending fifty cents at a time in real money!

Offering to pay in silver is not yet going to happen at corporate stores, but by offering the silver to M&P businesses, the idea of real money extinguishing DEBT can carry forward and gain strength throughout America where it matters most – at the local level.

I recently read a very good article over at http://www.FinancialSense.com by Davos Sherman, where he, as a former pilot, said there is a procedure that needs to be established and used EVERY time there is a crisis or emergency:

“The one thing 15,000 hours of flying taught me is this – when there is an emergency, or even an anomaly, the procedure for saving one’s assets boils down to 5 simple steps:

1. Identify the Problem.
2. Clearly Annunciate the Problem.
3. Verify it.
4. Remember the Corrective Procedure [memory items] – and if there isn’t a procedure – create one.
5. Execute the Plan – and if you have any weak links in your crew remove that link immediately – rely on the strong points of your team.”

I think Davos really hits the nail on the head with this outline. Good, can we get a Hallelujah? Alright!
So we all really don’t need to identify the problem. Or do we?

I mean it really should be quite the given that fiat currencies always fail, as they have every time in the past and here we are in the middle of such a collapse right now. However, I still see ideas being discussed to re-vamp, re-work or futile attempt fixes to this broken fiat system. It reminds me of the saying for old Fiat Motor Cars back in the 70’s and 80’s – FIX IT AGAIN TONY.

Fiat fixing is not happening. Stop wasting your resources on it. Please. It was designed to fail at implementation, look at your United states as well as world history. I’m surprised this Central Bank ran it’s wretched course this long for crying out loud ( since 1913 ). Previous Central Banks averaged 20 years before the people had enough in America. I’m sure the Central Bankers would love to introduce a new fiat currency for everyone in the world to use. we must not fall for this failed idea ever again! I remind everybody of the adage:

Insanity is defined as repeating the same process expecting a different result.

The real question then is:

Why did we ever tolerate these financial terrorists at all?

I say main reasons are because we failed to just simply turn off the TV and make sure our fellow neighbors were doing OK. we lost our sense of Local Community because we got caught up in a rat race just to keep our heads above water due to fiat currency controlled by the banks.

The long-term agenda of the Central Banker’s should be rather obvious to all:

1) Loan money to government at interest.
2) Outsource the jobs in America.
3) Gobble up as many houses as possible in America through illegal foreclosures once people had no way to pay for the mortgages.
4) Cut future entitlement and welfare state benefits through austerity programs.
5) Add more taxes to the privileged few still lucky enough to have a paying job.

All the while our alleged elected leaders continue to deny any problems exist telling us QE is stimulating the economy by saying just look at the stock market increases showing how the economy has improved since the crash of 2008.

Meanwhile more than 25 percent of Americans were outsourced and no longer contribute to the economy as such because they simply cannot without employment. Oh, the unemployed are still taxed through fuel, sales and property taxes, just not on payroll earnings any more as there are no earnings.

The banksters blatantly plan to do this massive fiat currency default in the biggest way ever attempted before on this planet. Why else did the German (only solid country of Eurozone) and the inflated US Dollar based NYSE markets merge a week or so ago?

To set up the collapse to be global.

Watching the rioting throughout the world, I fail to see why anyone would accept a new fiat currency. Even if it was an alleged NWO global fiat currency. The Internet has changed that for we the people of every country. we can clearly see and stand united facing the truth that the fake, fraud-ridden, corrupt fiat currency system is broken beyond repair and no matter what plan the alleged NWO comes up with, we can be guaranteed the alleged new fiat system will be designed to benefit them only just as it has been in their systems of the past.

Step two then, clear annunciation of the problem, I would dare say goes something like this:

“The Central Bankers through fiat currency are violating citizens throughout America while raking in big bonuses, ignoring, usurping and violating our supreme Law of the Land which is the Constitution by stealing wealth and property illegally.”

Therefore, the Central Bankers and their fiat currency is the problem. Always has been and always will when we forget our duty as the people who comprise the Republic of America.

Onward to number three then. Well, we can demonstrate verification with the restaurant meal story I started out with. That story taught us it simply costs too much to use FRN’s! I mean come on, a $12 meal in reality only cost one mere silver fifty cent piece? I don’t know about you, but I’d rather spend fifty cents than twelve bucks on any one purchase any day!

Let’s see if we can verify our problem again in the store example. In FRN’s my food bill was well over $266 and some change. Why was it only $3.35 in silver?

Because INFLATION is affecting the fiat currency, not the real money!

I think that really verifies the problem!

Got that? Great. It’s extremely important because there is a HUGE difference:

Paper currency relies on faith in it’s value to discharge or be accepted for a DEBT.

Real money extinguishes DEBT by it’s intrinsic stored wealth that can never be zero.

OK, we’ve really make some sound progress on the 5 step emergency outline here.

1) Identified the problem

2) annunciated the problem and

3) verified the problem

On number four, I do differ from the author’s reasoning though. Why? Well, in 3 years of legal study I’ve discovered it’s because it seems Americans forgot something really, really important: The corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and The Federal Government may be bankrupt, but THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and The Federal Government are NOT America. They are just Corporate Entities – Legal fictions which exist in name on paper.

America is the body of the people who domicile in it’s boundaries.

we as Americans have failed to remember that. In doing so, we failed at upholding our very own Constitutional Law and we and our fellow countrymen, as well as others throughout the world are suffering immensely because of our inaction, forgetfulness or just plain laziness.

Case in point. Fraudclosure. These loans are all scams. I’m still fighting one. Amazing how a Law Firm thinks they can foreclose with a copy of the alleged note because I have no Attorney to represent me. I’ve learned to stand up for my rights and what is just. I do not need to be represented. I am me and I can handle myself. We’ve really been missing the boat legally folks. The Law goes way back. Way back. Can you say Magna Carta?

The alleged Law they impose upon Americans is nothing but Statutory Law and really only applies to the members of the British Admiralty Registration and members of Government who promised to serve the people. In America, we have a bad tendency to interchange the terms Attorney and Lawyer as if they are one in the same. This is completely incorrect! An Attorney is an Officer of the Court. His job is to follow Courtroom procedure and attourn, or turn over, your money, assets and other consideration to the court to pay the Governments’ bills. A Lawyer on the other hand is someone who is skilled at Law. While Attorneys are all members of the BAR, most Lawyers are not members.

Marc Stevens, at his website, http://www.marcstevens.net, makes a very valid argument:

“No service or product should be provided at the barrel of a gun.”

What has our own alleged government done to us, the people of the Republic? A lot, well, enough already. And why? Because “Democracy” decided it would be better to ignore the Constitution and use fiat money and we bought it. Hook, line and sinker. As Led Zeppelin said in one of their songs: “Nobody’s fault but mine”. we decided to not actively seek to keep the Republic as Franklin warned after the signing when questioned as to what we had – “a Republic, if you can keep it.”

We can get into a great big debate about why. Personally, I believe it’s from many things. Nasties in Frankenfood, nasties in the water, the brainwashing of people to worry about themselves only, corporate takeover of the main stream media and of course the idiot box mind control of TV – who’s gonna be America’s next idol, who can dance or who’s smarter than a fifth grader? All argument on this subject is a moot point and it distracts us from our goal: Break America and her political body free of the CB’s stranglehold upon us.

Marc Stevens continues his valid government argument by defining an important difference between customer and victim:

“A customer is free to choose the service, whereas a victim has no choice, he must pay or force will be used”

Doesn’t that sound like Law Enforcement (don’t taze me dude) or maybe the IRS (seizure of wages or assets) or Foreclosure (Sheriff comes to remove you from your property)? Sure does to me! Fail to file taxes and the IRS files a levy and fines against you. Get caught in a motor vehicle with no plates and no driver’s license and you’ll be in jail.

So we see, Marc Stevens is correct. To drive, we not only need a car, fuel and be able to maintain it, we need a license, license plates and insurance or some Police Officer with a gun will disturb our journey and use a gun to enforce arresting us.

So where did the do-it-or-get-the-gun-pointed-at-us alleged Law come from? Well, allegedly from us. we allegedly decided we needed government to run every single facet of our lives for the better for us because we are helpless folk who are so busy trying to scrape out a living that many do not even know who their neighbors are.

There’s a good explanation of this phenomenon in three simple words: PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION

The CB’s, owning the MSM, blast to the couch potato overweight Americans there’s some kind of buzz-word crisis or problem. Then it all starts. People worry. Examples: Terrorism, Illegal Immigration, Foreclosure Crisis. As soon as a problem is a non-issue we are guaranteed there will be another new problem.

Once the problem is announced, the reaction starts by the MSM fed overweight Americans because they wonder how in the world do we solve this problem? Hence the parrots and talking heads on the idiot box spew forth what the political pundits and alleged experts think we should do.

Then alleged solutions are presented for the alleged problem, the most intelligent solutions brought forth by real honest people are ridiculed and the stupidest or highest cost solution is sold to the public and becomes a new law with we the people footing the bill eventually.

I don’t buy it. Any of it. None. Nada. Zero. AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU!

Why? two reasons

First and foremost, Politicians speak like Attorneys in legalese or doublespeak. Yep, white is black, black is white, what right is wrong and what’s wrong is right. Secondly, the Republic is designed to handle problems if we would just simply properly participate in the program already!

Case in Point, as we identified, CB’s fiat currency. Without fiat currency and the speculation, derivatives and what-not, you eliminate thousands of pages of alleged laws which do nothing but pertain to fake currency, derivatives, stocks and the like, protecting those who profit from these alleged laws.

For me personally, 2008 was the total blow-off point. The alleged housing crisis hit. An entity calls MERS was discovered who has/had questionable records for mortgages, transfers, titles and assignments. Holy crap the biggest fraud ever for wealth re-distribution by the CB’s! People were being put out of their homes illegally. It really struck a nerve with me and that was without a doubt my line in the sand.

So, I checked my records in County for the heck of it. Sure enough MERS. Who the F is MERS and why do they hold title to my domicile? I never even heard of these guys and would never have had not the mortgage crisis hit the Internet and MSM news! Hence, my journey began to research the Law and what I discovered about fractional reserve banking.

So for me, as an alleged mortgagee, number 1 on Davos’ list was a no-brainer. Screw with property rights and ownership and you are directly interfering with one’s Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. Period. You are violating the supreme Law of the Land in the Republic, as it stands, one nation, under God, with Liberty and Justice for all.

So, to re-iterate and drive the point home:

“The bankers and their currency is the problem.”

Would someone please listen to Ron Paul already? Enough said.

I’ll get to my way of handling step five on Davos’ list, but first I may have to fill you in a bit.

I don’t hear a lot of people mention HR192. That strikes me as odd too, because the financial emergency it allegedly declared in America is still valid to this minute and will continue ad nauseum until we stop it. HR192 is very important because ol’ FDR took away the real money (confiscating the gold) and gave us in return paper notes, borrowed from the CB’s to discharge DEBTS instead of pay our bills.

So, from that I learned that once someone’s Note on a Mortgage was sold to another entity that would have to mean they bought it right? I mean it can’t be sold if someone or some entity didn’t collect money for the note now could it?

Welcome to Fractional Reserve Banking, where new money is created at the time of an alleged loan of money which the bank never had. Then that new money can be lent again and that money lent and so on, again ad nauseum. If you have yet to see Money As Debt on Google videos (full version is 47 minutes), see it as soon as you can, they explain it well enough that a fifth grade child can comprehend it and therefore I’m not getting into explaining Fractional Reserve Banking here.

Now, in the legal world we can obviously agree it appears strange to us because it is. It’s probably the main reason we don’t piddle with legal stuff if we can avoid it. That being said, is it really a good argument to say it’s too hard to understand Law and the legalese, so just avoid it?
I think not and beg to differ.

Law is supposed to verify your rights in America, not violate and remove them. Technically, under our Constitution, there are very few ways that we the people can break the Law. we either harm another, upsetting their Life, Liberty and/or Pursuit of Happiness or we break a contract we entered willingly, voluntarily and intentionally.

Truth be told, Common Law is really old and hasn’t changed any, at least in the Republic’s sense of it. Sure there is tons of new Statutory Law. Most likely a new Law or two each day, but that is really just Statutory Law of the BAR in CBs’ purchased courts. They purchased the Courts because our alleged leaders of old agreed to use their currency as our own. So I say we can do this simply and without any violence right in the banker’s owned Courts.

How? By this important fact of the matter to bring up here, thus our third lesson learned: All matters are in commerce.

Our Forefathers clearly understood this third lesson. Commerce was hugely important to the fledging states. That is why the Postal system needed to be developed early on. It is also why certain things like a gold standard are called for in the Constitution.

Whether you hand over two live chickens, a handful of colorful shells, a silver coin or FRN’s, the fact remains if there is a commodity you do not possess and desire or need, you will lawfully engage in commerce to get it or be a thief and steal it. Well, doesn’t that bring us right back to Marc Stevens again – “No service or product should be provided at the barrel of a gun.”

That said, there are proper ways to conduct commerce that are well accepted. Legally, a written notice serves to inform another party of one’s intentions. Look in the fine print of your bank account or credit card agreements. Your bank account or credit card agreement is nothing more than an agreed upon set of rules to conduct commerce between the parties.

Why? Because that paper you signed becomes a Security Instrument because it relates directly to commerce. Your signage is very basic proof of a DEBT you agreed to pay back according to the terms in the contract. Look at your Note and Mortgage documents for your home. I’ll bet you find the words Security Instrument all over the place.

Exercise your rights in proper commerce. The Law says to prove a debt you owe, there needs to be a piece of paper with your signature on it. That is the Security Instrument and Instruments are to be a writing. Just like a written communication is a verifiable proof you expressed a certain matter to a party. These crooked banks don’t hardly ever keep stuff like original SI’s. OK, they might be starting to keep the wet-ink documents in recent months, but for some years now they hadn’t. Everything was illegally converted to electronic documents for our protection! Like I stated earlier, we are treated as mushrooms – kept in the dark and fed bull$h!t.

So, in my own fight to free myself of the CB’s grip, every entity who alleged a loan or alleged an outstanding balance that was stated as still being owed by that happy Legal Entity that Uncle Sam created so I could engage in commerce, my STRAWMAN, was sent notarized written notice to verify or prove the debt by showing me my signature. The funny part is, not one single entity could prove the claim of being owed money. Not one!

Once again, please, no arguments that there is no STRAWMAN. The Sovereign Education Defense Ministry has proven the fact there is a SM. See for yourself at http://www.sedm.org. I have proven the SM exists as well with the Courts in matters I have handled myself without an Attorney. Yes, you have a SM! But your SM was created by government so you are quite limited as to what you can do with him. For now, all I have done is given my SM a brain. As far as SEDM is concerned, they emphatically state there is only ONE way to free yourself of government rule – Resign as Trustee for the Socialist Security Number of the STRAWMAN. I believe the people of the SEDM are 100 percent correct as the SEDM always researches, verifies and proves whatever they state as fact. Yes, one organization where I will dare not use the word alleged!!!

Back to where I was after the notices were sent. I began to extremely limit the FRN’s I dealt with on a daily basis. That involved many things, since as we’ve learned, all matters are in commerce. Since I had legally notified my alleged lenders of my intentions, I became FREE to stop paying the alleged mortgage and stop paying on the alleged credit card balances. I closed my bank accounts. Yes it’s crazy! I argue though that allowing CB’s to control a nation’s currency is crazy too.

In doing these things I began to cut myself loose of the bankers and learned how to legally cover my butt for the reason why I quit paying. It certainly was not and is still not easy. I have to buy Money Orders for every payment to a Corporation outside my local area. I have no credit card anymore for on-line purchases. I can’t use PayPal without a bank account and so on.

Soon after my employment ended, I found that actually helped! What? Well, most Americans working for someone get paychecks, and therefore get a 1099 or a W-2 form. That verifies income to the Federal Government and they want their cut. They will claim you owe taxes and it’s your duty to pay taxes. No job, no W-2. No W-2, no need to file!

Well what if I am not receiving any benefit from your alleged Federal governance? Is not a contract a two-way street? Absolutely. There should be a reciprocal give and take between the parties in commerce, but it sure seems that government has a real one-sided deal going on. Each party to the contract is entitled to some benefit are they not? Without a true benefit would anyone enter into a contract? Logic would certainly say no.

The reciprocal duty of me as a citizen in relation to the duty of the government to protect me sure do not appear to look out for my best interest. If they did would we not have no Central Banks, no runaway spending, no increasing of rules and regulation on our Lives, our Liberty and our Pursuit of Happiness?

So we find ourselves again in a quandry. I still am forced then to pay taxes at the barrel of a gun for an alleged benefit am I not? With no employment it is true I pay no taxes as such, yet I still pay taxes all the time.

There’s tax on gasoline, tax on soda, property taxes, and sales tax just to name a few. So don’t say I don’t pay taxes. I pay taxes whether I am employed or not. My alleged government compels me to pay taxes directly and indirectly all at the ultimate point of being at the end of a barrel of a gun, imprisoned or in Court.

So, we need to get back to our sense of community and help each other out. There is strength in numbers. When our neighbor is in Court because the bankers are foreclosing illegally, as many neighbors as possible need to jam that courtroom full. With all the unemployed that really should not be a problem. Turn off the TV and go to Court with your neighbor.

One Judge, a few Bailiffs and a handful of clerks are no comparison to 200 people filling a Courtroom supporting their neighbor! When the clerk says “All rise”, stay seated. We’ve been scammed by the bankers on this one. For a long time too. A Judge is supposed to swear their oath when the courtroom comes into session. They never do. So, in return to us, they act as banker and not Judge. Why should we expect different, the bankers bought the Courts.

The Clerk of the Court will say the Judge is already sworn in. Don’t believe it. It is hearsay! Get the Judge to swear their oath before giving them Jurisdiction. If a Judge will not swear to uphold the supreme Law of the land before they commence Court proceedings and subsequent judgment, do not expect a fair trial when that Judge is acting as an agent of the banksters!

If the Judge would swear their oath when entering the courtroom, they would be sworn to uphold the Constitution by their words and thereby act as an impartial Judge protecting our rights and looking out for our best interests. Instead they skip their oath ( the Clerk will tell us the Judge is already sworn in ) and they will process us through the Courts as Security Interests making money for the bankers who control everything but our hearts and our thoughts.

Courts all over America are backed up with foreclosures. Imagine if every day, 75, 100 or 200 people all filled these courtrooms in America, standing with their neighbors and demanded Judges do their job. It would get to be quite difficult to ignore would it not?

A proper Law always contains two elements – recourse and remedy. Recourse is the way one avoids the Law or legally demonstrates how the Law does not apply to them ( Banksters and Attorneys utilize this all the time ). Remedy is the way one is compensated after being damaged by a Law. Comprehending that fact increases our chances to win in the Court the banksters have purchased. Learn the Law as it applies to you and learn to beneficially apply it to your situation.

This brings us right back to that old saying I started off with. What goes around, comes around. When we take a stand and help our fellow Americans who are our neighbors, we bring the Law and the Courts back into our favor as it is supposed to be.

we have the power to control “what goes around” do we not? I believe we do!

Alright, I’ll agree with you, this has gotten long-winded. But what did you expect given the situation and material at hand? So in summary here are things that I feel need to be implemented in our plans of action against the Central Banksters:

STOP watching television. Turn the TV off and unplug it. Save electricity.

USE the Internet for your information and to learn what you do not know.

STOP thinking in terms of bankster’s fiat currency or FRN’s, it is not reality.

USE fiat currency only where it is required to be used (Corporations and acquiring physical precious metals).

BUY and hold physical silver (nothing on paper) to assist attacking the root of what ails us all, the Central Banksters.

START sharing the silver wealth by supporting and paying Mom and Pop businesses in silver coinage or bullion. This works in private contracts too.

TEACH children true American Republic history and about real money.

STOP making large financed purchases like houses, cars, furniture and big-screen TV’s. Banksters create money every time you sign your name.

PAY down DEBT only when it has been proven you still owe it by your signature.

SEND notarized written notices to all your alleged lenders, have the upper hand, demand they prove their claim.

MEET your neighbors. Discuss and come up with plans of action that help your neighborhoods and families.

SUPPORT those facing illegal foreclosures by bringing great numbers of neighbors and local people into Courtrooms and demand the Judges uphold their oaths to protect and serve.

THINK what you can do to better yourself and for your community.

TEACH children food does not “come from the grocery store” and learn how to grow your own food.

PRAY to God for guidance, blessings and protection for your local community.

BE thankful for what you do have.

STOP relying on Government.

REFUSE services provided at the barrel of a gun.

REFUSE the new National ID cards beings implemented.

I welcome your two cents as well. With enough cents, we will have enough sense to uproot the central banking system!


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  1. I fully sympathize with you. I have two cents as well. I am also feed up with the central banking system. So full of s#%&*.

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