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There has Never been a Situation in the History of the World So Bad, So Terrible, that the Government Couldn’t Make It Worse

Economic Rant

The National Debt in unpayable

Divide 140 trillion dollars by 300 million Americans. You get $420,000 per person. Yes, that includes babies, children, and the elderly. How can each person in America pay almost a half million dollars? WITH A DEPRESSION, that’s how!

There is no such thing as an unpaid debt. All debts get paid by the buyer or the seller. The entire Gross National Product is only $12 trillion. Many say the National Debt is really more like $200 trillion when you look at Medicaid, Medicare, Social Insecurity, and our endless Insane military budget (half the world’s entire military expenditure is ours.)

The average U.S. family debt is now 136% of income

This means if a family makes $50,000 before taxes, they are actually in debt $68,000. Since they are living over their heads and paying heavy interest on this $68,000 debt, it just gets worse every year. Americans have gone totally insane. No other country on earth lives over their heads like this. It can only end in disaster. In the history of the world no country has ever done this. And we say there is, “nothing new under the sun”. Well, this is certainly a new development in history.

Watch this very short video to see Obama personally confess he was born in Kenya

and not in the United States. This puts a complete end to any discussion about whether he can legally be President. Tea Party Princess Palin recently scoffed at any idea Obama was not American born. Here it is in his own words. He was born in Kenya. You will actually hear him say he is not an American and was born in Kenya in his own words.

Look at this silver chart of growing deficit. We are almost out of physical silver

This chart alone is all you need to know about silver. Every year the demand goes up. Every year the deficit goes up. Every year the output cannot keep up with the demand.  We are almost out of silver. The U.S. Mint has no silver. The military has no strategic stockpile. The COMEX is empty and there is no 42 million dealer (available) ounces. Soon the industrial users will only get rationed silver and investors none.

The silver and gold stocks have performed terribly in the last ten years. This year they should finally take off. (That is an opinion and not a prediction.) Do not buy silver stocks. Buy silver bullion and hold it. If you own silver stocks the prices are too low to sell them and convert to bullion. There are only five silver stocks you should be holding- First Majestic, Impact, Endeavor, Great Panther, and Sabina. The problem is all our stocks are in Mexico, and it has fallen into anarchy to the drug cartels. This is the problem. This is no longer a stable country to invest in. Ideally we want to sell any silver stocks and convert to bullion. You never invest in countries like Central America, South America, China, or Russia. This is why most silver stocks (Silver Wheaton, Silver Standard, Pan American, etc.) are not worth buying. They are very popular, but never go with the crowd. The crowd is always wrong in the end. The Mideast is on fire, and it’s all centered on Israel. Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, and especially the Big Gorilla Saudi Arabia all want to elect their own government. They have a right to do this without our interference. We have no business installing U.S. puppets around the world like Mubakek and Abdullah. Why should Libyans suffer in poverty under a psychotic, megalomaniac dictator like Quadaffi? Don’t think any of these results will bring “freedom and democracy”. Egypt is now in worse shape with a military dictatorship and no constitution.

This is the best cartoon I’ve seen all year

There is only one party in America- the Republicrat Party. Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. Two sides of the same coin. Your only real choice is to vote Libertarian- and they get a mere 1% of the vote. Your vote isn’t “wasted” by voting Libertarian. Your vote is really wasted when you vote for a Democrat or Republican. Thanks to Ben Garrison for this gem. You can also call this the Demopublican party if you want. The One World Order marches on.

The stock market is a house of cards ready to fall. It doesn’t matter whether it goes up, down, or sideways. Just stay away from stocks, despite whores like Warren Buffet telling you to

“Buy stocks, buy stocks.” Sell your IRA/401k before the crash. And there will be a stock market crash. After the crash, the government will race in and convert your IRA/401k to worthless treasury annuitities for your own “good” and “safety”. Yes, sell your IRA/401k and take the penalty. Buy silver bullion and hold it. If you don’t then you deserve to starve in the street with your dumbassed “friends”.  Five countries have already nationalized private savings and pensions, and more will follow. The government needs money so badly for their endless socialist programs; they will steal your life savings to do so.

Be sure to sign up at www.inflation.us for their newsletter and videos. These are great videos.

Do not take their stupid stock advice however. They reco garbage stocks like U.S. Silver. This company has HEDGED silver at $30 when it is now $35 going to $50, going to $400. Yes, this means they must sell their silver at $30 no matter how high it goes!!! This worthless stock has fallen from $1.50 to 63 cents in the last five years, yet they tout it as a “winner”. It’s a loser, and we dumped it once they announced their insane hedging program.

Any silver (or gold) mine that would short hedge their production is prima facie stupid. They actually sell crappy stock advice at $1,000 a pop!!! Yet, their videos are really good. Go figure. The fact they sell you any stock advice tells you everything.

Silver is in extreme “backwardization” for the first time in history. This means the spot price today is over a dollar more expensive than the futures price in 2015! This is total insanity and means we are out of silver. This means the price is guaranteed to go up. Why? Because mine supply can’t even begin to keep up with industrial and investor demand. The future price is usually always much higher than the spot price.

Food inflation is the biggest problem you’ll see this year, even though we are drowning in an entire sea of problems. The bad news is that you cannot reasonably store food. You can store whole grains and dried beans, and that’s about it. You can store condiments, seasonings, herbs, etc., but these are not foods per se. You can only store a very limited amount of frozen and canned food. That’s the bad news. Load up on whole grains and dried beans. These are your staples. Forget that overpriced freeze dried crap! Americans ate like kings and queens for a mere 10% of their income. The rest of the world was spending 20% to 80% of their income just to eat plain, meager fare. All that is over. Soon, Americans will spend a full third of their income just to eat, and they sure won’t eat like royalty anymore.

World oil is over $100. Brent is almost $120. Forget world crude and start looking at Brent. Lindsey Williams says we’ll see $200 oil and he’s probably right. This would mean $6 a gallon gasoline. Gasoline is already over $8 in Europe. There is no oil shortage. We don’t need a drop of foreign oil. We have enough oil in America for the next 100 years. “Peak oil” is a lie. We have enough natural gas for the next 100 years. We have enough coal for the next 1,000 years. We could make $2 a gallon gasoline from coal today with the SASOL process. There is no energy crisis! Solar, wind, and biofuels are all liberal lies. None of these work or ever will work. In 100 years obviously we’ll have cold fusion, hydrogen from water, and a variety of other energy sources. The energy crisis is contrived by “your” government on purpose to keep you poor. Poor people can be ruled by dictators as in China, Cuba, and Korea. Affluent people can’t be ruled. Poor people are subjects. Affluent people are free citizens.

Social Insecurity is broke and has been for decades. Yes, the checks will still go out, but no COLA (cost of living allowances) will be added. Every month the checks will buy less and less and less, until they buy nothing. Hyperinflation will be your future. The same for food stamps. 1 in 7 Americans can’t eat without government help!!! And you think this isn’t End Times? Think again. What was once the greatest country in the world is a Marxist welfare police state when 1 in 7 can’t feed themselves. If you have any kind of retirement pension you’ll never see that either. The company will go under, or inflation will destroy the value of it. Tens of millions of people are going to starve in the streets because the government is too broke to take care of them anymore. They will riot and maybe this year. Gerald Celente has been talking about this for a long time now. When people are cold and hungry they have nothing to lose. That’s why the government built all those FEMA camps. We’ll have to end the wars of aggression in the Mideast and bring the soldiers home to control the welfare rioters. Our own National Guard is halfway around the world killing people.

Silver is the winner!

Silver has been the winner for ten years now. Put every penny you have into silver bullion. The best investment in the entire world is silver and has been for over a decade now. Silver has returned almost 700% profit in 11 years! That is well over 60% a year for eleven years. Senile in Omaha Buffett has only made 7% a year for the last eleven years. That’s right. Look at a long term BRKE (Berkshire Hathway) chart and see for yourself. If the “wisest investor” in the world can only make 7% a year, how can you make any money? He has lost money in the last three years, while silver has skyrocketed. He never tires of telling the sheeple to buy stocks, avoid gold, and silver doesn’t exist.

That’s it folks. This really is End Times. There is no where to go. This entire earth is just one big Prison Planet now. It will only get worse, and not better. The wheels come off the train this year. Buy silver. Party like a rock star, while your brain dead friends starve in the street waiting for the government to feed them. Unemployment will go from the current 22% to 40%. Housing will keep crashing. Hyperinflation will rage. Food prices will skyrocket. The socialist and Marxist bills will keep being passed in Congress. We will see martial law before Nobama leaves office. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are shredded. It just gets worse from here. Prepare yourself for what’s coming as best you can.


4 Responses

  1. The video you linked to showing that Obama was born in Kenya is edited. In fact, it even says so in the video description:
    “The video starts out with some content from obamasnippets.com, which, of course is contrived.”

    • I was more interested in the article I didnt even look at the video sorry

      • You know…we can certainly can do without the whole “Obama’s” a Kenyan crap.

        Obama may be a shill for the corporations…but he ain’t no fucking Kenyan. I laugh at people who are really that willfully ignorant. (for whatever deep-seeded and secret reason)

        If you wanna be taken seriously…you need to make serious arguements…parroting the tired shit about Obama being a Kenyan witch-doctor (regardless of who wrote it) weakens your whole thesis…and makes reasonable people dis-credit everything else you say.

        While I agree we are in some shit that is up to our necks…demonizing “liberals” or “conservatives” is not gonna solve shit….this is nothing more than fuel on the fire – a fire that was purposfully started by the powers that be…so that we as CITIZENS (not consumers) are at each others throats over stupid shit…like unions, abortion, guns, drilling in alaska, immigration…and are not focusing on the big picture….the REAL enemy….THE CORPORATION and their mouthpieces

        Obama is just the latest in a string of 40 years of presidents who have done NOTHING to help the average people in this nation….does anyone REALLY believe this guy is some Muslim plant? A secret Kenyan? Not legally allowed to hold the office? Give me a freaking break! This guy was hand-picked by his handlers…to give the corporations and the banks a couple more years of control….you know..by using the whole “hope and change” bit. (oh…and things could use some “change” allright)

        SO…Please….watch what is posted here…I like the blog and read quite a bit of GOOD things on here…so we can do without the mindless drivel…

        There is PLENTY of GOOD, USEFULL information out there about the shit coming our way…we DO NOT need to spread bullshit, rumor, inuendo, lies or right-wing propaganda (or left wing) – just some objective truth would be nice…


  2. […] Regardless, Iran is obviously up to no good and should and will be dealt with severely – unfortunately the U.N. security counsel will not do anything until March. I wonder how many nuclear weapons or even dirty nuclear and biological weapons they could create in this time. What I can’t see is, regardless of religion, why can’t we all just get along and stop killing each other and playing power On the same topic: http://rojwomen.com/2011/03/13/women-also-participate-in-pro-democracy-demonstrations-in-northern-iraqsouth-kurdistan/ Additionally you can check out: https://vinceseconomicblog.wordpress.com/2011/03/13/there-has-never-been-a-situation-in-the-history-o… […]

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