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The New White Man’s Burden

Vox Day

Looking at population projections for Texas, demographer Steve Murdock concludes: “It’s basically over for Anglos.” Two of every three Texas children are now non-Anglo and the trend line will become even more pronounced in the future, said Murdock, former U.S. Census Bureau director and now director of the Hobby Center for the Study of Texas at Rice University.Texas Politics, Feb. 24, 2011

The harsh historical reality is that no human society ever survives. They come into being, they thrive, they decline and eventually they perish. If they were remarkable, perhaps they will leave indications of their past existence through literature and the arts, through place names and through their influence on subsequent ideas and modes of thought. But that does not bring them back to life; the modern Greece of IMF-inspired riots, burning banks and filthy streets is not the ancient Greece of the philosophers and the Athenian Empire.

Societies also tend to collapse much faster than anyone, especially its inhabitants, ever anticipates. Plato envisioned his ideal republic 24 years after the unexpected defeat of Athens in the Peloponnesian War, and no doubt he had little idea that Athens would never rise again to its former glory. Cicero composed his ode to the ideal of Roman governance in De re publica only seven years before his beloved Republic of Rome collapsed into civil war and eventual dictatorship. The British empire, upon which the sun never set, ruled over a quarter of the world’s population and nearly a quarter of its total land area before it fell into rapid decline and disappeared within 30 years of it reaching its greatest expanse. Last week, the British were shocked to discover that they lacked the wherewithal to rescue their own citizens from the wreckage of a fifth-rate Arab country.

In summary, the apex is always the point at which the eventual decline begins. It is now abundantly clear that 1989, which marked the fall of the Berlin Wall and the subsequent breakup of the Soviet empire, also represented the high point for the American empire. As if the market and economic catastrophes of the last 12 years were not evidence enough, the stunning impotence of America in the face of Islamic revival sweeping over one collapsing U.S.-backed ally after another makes it eminently clear that America is a global power in decline.

American authors such as Pat Buchanan and Paul Kennedy were among the first to perceive that America was in a state of decline. Now, even foreign journalists are aware of the phenomenon and comment openly upon it. The neocon triumphalism behind the military occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq was nothing more than the usual last gasp of empires; this has been a recognizable pattern since the Athenians sent the flower of their navy to perish on the shores of Sicily more than 2,000 years ago.

The decline of America can be traced to three fundamental factors: debt, demographics and democracy. Of those three factors, it is demographics that is the most vital. Since the 1965 Immigration Act, the American political elite has been electing a new people by encouraging immigration from a wide variety of societies that are vastly different in ethnic and cultural terms than American society. In combination with this vast invasion of the, shall we say, unconventionally civilized, the traditional male-female dynamic that had proven successful for centuries was altered through a transformation of the legal and judicial systems. This confluence of factors has created a tremendous challenge for the white male population, as young white American men now have every material incentive to opt out of activities which tend to foster societal survival and very little incentive to opt in.

This challenge does not exist because Roissy and the other apostles of Game are incorrect about the deck being grotesquely stacked against the delta (or, if you prefer, beta) males upon whom the continued survival of civilization ultimately rests. It exists precisely because they are correct. They are absolutely right. No society that has been reorganized and restructured to provide such a perverse system of incentives deserves to survive, indeed, no such civilized society ever has survived. And therein lies the awesome challenge present to the men of the West, to the young men of America, today.

The education system is stacked against them. The media are stacked against them. The law is stacked against them. The family courts are stacked against them. The church will cheerfully lecture them on their failures while uniformly giving women a pass on everything from abortion and gluttony to a failure to honor and submit to their husbands. Society has provided every possible excuse for a young, white Christian man to give up, opt out and become the videogame-addicted, marriage-avoidant, slut-shagging degenerate that the entertainment industry portrays him to be.

But is this not precisely the sort of challenge that real men have always craved? To stubbornly persist in the face of overwhelming evil is the root of all heroism. Instead of being seen as an unavoidable morass, the culture must be viewed as an evil to be resisted and eventually overcome. Not every man will survive the battle, just as not every Marine who stormed the bloody beaches of Tarawa lived to tell the terrible tale. For every man who marries a God-fearing woman and becomes the head of a strong family in which the basic tenets of American Christian civilization are preserved, there will be one who is financially raped in divorce court, is ruined by the parasitic governmental hegemony or falls victim to an intoxicated illegal alien driving without a driver’s license. But it is no shame to fall in the battle. The only shame is to be found in the failure to fight it.

There is no reason for despair. The collapse of American empire is precisely what will bring about the end of the current system in which the unproductive prosper on the efforts of the productive, and it is certain because it is mathematically unsustainable. The old White Man’s Burden was to bring Christian civilization to the savage. The new White Man’s Burden is to plant seeds of Christian civilization that are capable of surviving the coming descent into savagery.


One Response

  1. God has nothing to do with our situation….

    In fact, it is this precise thinking that a “Christian God” and morality is the only thing that can save us is the EXACT reason why we are here today.

    This is the same, tired arguement that allowed early settlers to slaughter the Natives (I tell you, if we would have followed their “savage” ways instead of using the excuse of “Manifest Destiny” to rape, destroy and plunder the land…all for profit….then we would not be living in the disgusting conditions that we are today.

    You sir are WAY off base in your assessment.

    It was this belief the “our God” is right…and that he wants us to prosper that is behind our mess…..the concept that God wants us to prosper…at another person’s expense (the savage as you would call him) is about as antithetical to the concept and teachings of Christ as you can get….

    Yet, you claim that if we had just kept women in their place, made sure none of the poor “unconventionally civilized” savages (as you call them) got to come here, and if we had just kept government out of the way of business…everything would be just fine.

    I am not sure why, or how this got posted on an otherwise decent and insightful blog…but Goddamn…..you got your ideas all kinds of messed up.

    The only point that I do agree with you on is a big one….

    Our nation is fucked up beyond repair….it IS collapsing….I am waiting for it to happen….and it is mostly because Americans are too consumed with a fabricated and heavily marketed concept of “individualism”….when we should be focusing on community building and how we can help each other get out of this mess.

    Truely….It’s a big shit sandwich…and we are all gonna have to take a bite!


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