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Egypt and America’s Terrorist Regimes Will Fall Apart

On the surface Washington and Cairo seem to be worlds apart, but appearances can be deceiving. Both regimes rely on state terrorism, deception, propaganda, election fraud, the suppression of political parties, and violent repression to stay in power.

The U.S. government isn’t acting as the world’s mediator and global manager in Egypt’s political crisis, supposedly balancing democracy and stability, nor is it the world’s policeman, bringing order where there is chaos, it is rather acting as a self-interested, elite-owned terrorist state, imposing oligarchical economic policies on countries like Egypt and supporting dictatorships across the Middle East to do the bidding of Israel, and Washington’s anti-revolutionary foreign policy.

America’s imperial rise began in the nineteenth century, but it was in the last century when America’s constitutional government was completely subverted and hijacked by the country’s ruling elite. Some people point to 1913 as the crucial date, the year when the oligarch-owned Federal Reserve Bank was established, while others say that America’s victory in World War II marks the country’s critical transition from a constitutional republic to a criminal global empire.

Frankly, dates don’t matter all that much. What is important to understand is that there was a silent coup d’état in Washington. America’s constitutional government was quietly replaced with a secretive and deceptive anti-democratic government that favors force and oppression as opposed to peace and freedom. President John F. Kennedy tried to stop this development, and was working towards a real peace between the U.S. and the Soviet Union before his last days on Earth, but his efforts were resisted by individuals both within and outside the government who were profiting tremendously from the system, and the endless conflicts that it guaranteed.

After JFK’s assassination America’s shadow government rose to greater heights, and shrouded its criminality from the American people by using totalitarian tactics, manipulating the media, filling the public discourse with propaganda and misinformation, and mastering the same techniques of repression and state terrorism that the Egyptian government is currently using against the Egyptian people who are demanding freedom and a complete overhaul of their tyrannical government. Here are just two instrumental techniques of repression used by the governments of Egypt, America, Iran, and other dictatorial governments:

1) The Use of Agent Provocateurs: Mubarak’s regime is using agent provocateurs to cause chaos on the streets of Egypt, loot stores and other buildings, and intimidate anti-government protesters. Washington’s Blog has a couple of great posts (here and here) with many links to news articles that detail the widespread use of this technique by the Egyptian government following the protests that started almost two weeks ago. This deceptive technique is used by many tyrannical states to portray average protesters as criminals and looters, which then causes distrust in the entire society about the legitimacy of the protesters’ grievances, and prepares the situation for a government crackdown on protests and civil liberties. Many governments practice this technique, including Iran, the United States, Israel, England, and Canada.

In 2007 at the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America summit meeting in Montebello, Quebec, the police went undercover, dressed as anarchists and carrying rocks, to instigate violence and disunity at protests. So as we see images of members of the Egyptian police wearing regular clothes and hitting people we should remember that Egypt is not unique. Our so-called democratic governments in the West have allowed this type of deceptive and anti-democratic behaviour by our police forces on numerous occasions.

2) Press Censorship, And The Shutdown of Communication: The shutdown of the Internet and cell phone service in Egypt was one of the first things that Mubarak’s regime did in anticipation of the huge protests in Alexandria and Cairo on Friday, January 28. It is critical for repressive regimes to control the flow of information during a period of civil unrest, and keep its citizens from communicating and coordinating with each other via the internet, social network tools, and cell phones. Sens. Other regimes, from China to Iran, and even the United States also like the option of shutting down the internet. Senator Joseph Lieberman and Senator Susan Collins have introduced an Internet “Kill Switch” Bill in the Senate, which hands tyrannical powers to the President of the United States to shut down the internet during a “national cyber emergency.” While the language of the bill has been toned down in some ways by a Senate committee, it still gives the President the dictatorial power to shut down the internet, and thereby silence dissenting voices, with the justification that the government has to take aggressive action to deal with a “cyber-emergency.”

What many people do not realize is that America, having gone under a state of emergency following the 9/11 attacks on September 14, 2011, is still under a state of emergency. President Obama renewed the state of emergency for the second time during his term in September 2010. Washington’s Blog has a great article about what a state of national emergency means for the freedoms of the American people. National emergency law grants the President of the United States the power “to impose censorship and martial law.” Michael Tennant wrote an article for The New American called, Bush, Obama, and the Nine-year “Emergency,” highlighting the fact that President Obama has followed in the footsteps of former President Bush, and maintained many unconstitutional policies and procedures of the Bush administration. He wrote:


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