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Preparing for the Financial Crisis

The crisis in the US and world financial markets give us reason to make preparations for the foreseeable problems ahead.   I offer this information for your benefit and believe it will be worth your while.   Immediately below are links to two videos that will provide a basis of understanding for the knowledge I want to communicate.   It is necessary to make yourself ready for what will likely be severe food and energy shortages to begin around this time next year, triggered by a financial collapse that started a few years ago and is continuing to unfold.   Just as it happened earlier in the 20 th century, these financial crises always lead to civil unrest, oppressive and aggressive governments, and ultimately to war.

We all know that fear is an excellent sales tool, but it’s not my intention to scare you, only to inform you so that you may prepare yourself well for the next several years, which look to be rocky, to say the least.   The more independent you are in terms of money, shelter, food, water, medicine, and firearms, the less vulnerable you will be during times of widespread hardship and social instability.

To learn more about what is happening in the world economy and US finance [1] —topics that are directly connected to social stability—and how problems in these sectors are going to affect you and your family, watch this easy to understand presentation by Porter Stansberry [2] .   Stansberry has provided this one hour and sixteen minute video and the first 58 minutes explain clearly what’s happening to the US dollar.   The remaining portion is basically a sales pitch for a no-risk, trial offer to his monthly newsletter that may appeal to you, although I haven’t tried it myself.

Do you know what civil unrest looks like?   You probably heard about the Black Sunday stampedes in retail stores in the USA the day after Thanksgiving.   For an insightful analysis of what happened on that day, take a look at this 10 minute video [3] from natural health advocate, Mike Adams .

The conditions all exist right now for a massive financial crisis leading to a food shortage.   Look at some of the most basic financial indicators in the U.S.: (1) inflation at 8% [4] ; (2) unemployment at 22-23% using the 1980 U.S. govt formulae [4] ; (3) number of people on food stamps at 42 million and rising, expected to reach 60 million by next summer; (4) homelessness and foreclosures are in the millions and rising with tent cities spreading all over America [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] ; and (5) there is no way for an economic recovery because nearly all manufacturing has been permanently outsourced thanks to short-term-profit driven multi-national corporations and the politicians they own, who gave away our factories to undeveloped nations and our sovereignty to unelected, offshore bureaucrats in a series of treaties [10] since the end of World War 2.  Considering only the factors above, not to mention many others, it is clear that a calamity is approaching at least as severe as the 1930′s depression when millions starved to death at a time when almost 90% of the population was rural and at least partially self-sufficient.

Today, 90% of Americans live in urban areas and can not grow any of their own food, and have no knowledge of how to do so if they were given access to a garden because they have become totally dependent upon corporate systems for their survival.   A handful of multi-national corporations control the world’s food supply and have all but eliminated small farms in the USA, Canada, and in many other countries.   With this kind of market control, food prices, quality and availability are manipulated at their choosing.

It is well understood that in order to control a population, you must control the food supply so that no one is independent enough to disobey.   Remember, you can’t eat ATM cards, bullion, bullets, or even Bibles.   In times of a critical food shortage, due to limited supply and/or high price, do you want to depend on the government for what would certainly be industrially manufactured foodstuffs of questionable quality and safety, heavily processed food that is genetically modified, trans-fat laden, MSG injected, melamine tainted, aspartame infected, salmonella stained, irradiated, freeze-dried, pasteurized, homogenized and possibly Simonized and Martinized to boot?   Do you want your food “standardized for consumption?”

With that in mind, I want to suggest how you can prepare yourself for a food shortage by purchasing storable, dehydrated food from EFoodsDirect.com .   I’ve tried it for a week myself and it was excellent, much better than any camping food I’d used before, and definitely in a different league from military MRE’s.   I recommend them because I liked it and my family bought more after enjoying a one-week trial pack.   It’s made from non-GMO, American crops (except bananas), without dangerous additives like MSG, it’s completely vegetarian, and dehydrated and packaged per order with a date stamp, so it hasn’t been sitting in a warehouse.   It lasts at least 10 years in your garage or attic, 15+ years in air conditioned environments.   EfoodsDirect is running a free shipping special [11] that ends Dec. 31.   If it looks good to you, I think a bare minimum is to have 3 months of storable food for every member of your household, although others suggest 6-12 months.   Be prepared.

I think food shortages are going to happen very soon after the US dollar is finally removed from its position of being the world’s reserve currency, which will likely take place toward the end of 2011.   You may think the US dollar has always been the world’s reserve currency and therefore always will be, but in fact, this has only been the case since an international agreement made in 1944 [12] by the winners of World War 2 after the outcome was certain.   Many announcements about the removal of the US dollar have been given during the past two years, and when it finally happens, inflation will skyrocket at a time when millions are already making hard choices [13] between buying food and paying for electricity or fuel [14] .

The world’s financial system is collapsing, countries are abandoning the US dollar [15] as the world’s reserve currency, the US has been incrementally revealing a surveillance society [16] established well before 9-11 that is now complete with a militarized police force [17] , and a joint venture with Canada has also prepared us for martial law [18] in the event of “civil unrest.”   Europe is experiencing riots [19] more severe than any seen for decades as governments are implementing so-called austerity measures in order to pay more interest to the international bankers whose derivative schemes have gone belly up.   These austerity measures mean less social benefits like health care, but require more taxes, higher retirement ages, reduced pensions, etc., all of which have been announced for the very near future in the USA [20] .

Are you surprised by riots and austerity measures?   You might not have been if you had read the 2008 US Army War College report, Known Unknowns: Unconventional “Strategic Shocks” In Defense Strategy Development [21] summarized in the article Doomsday: U.S. report warns of ‘strategic shock’ leading to massive unrest [22].   You would also have been prepared if you’d read the UK’s Ministry of Defense Global Strategic Trends report of 2007 [23] that said riots would intensify by 2012 due to food shortages, unemployment, and increased taxation, and would last for 20-30 years.   That’s right, twenty to thirty years.   You can get a summary of the UK report from The Guardian entitled Revolution, flashmobs, and brain chips. A grim vision of the future [24] [25] .


Maybe predictions of flash mobs and food riots are why the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London [26] [27] [28] [29] are being surrounded by a 17.5 km (11 mile), 5,000 volt electric fence , topped with 900 daylight and night vision surveillance cameras spaced at 50 meter intervals.   Do you think they may be expecting trouble?   Do you wonder why they’ve been planning for it since before 2008?   What do they know about problems in the future that you may not?

Consider that in the 20 th century world financial crises were followed by massive social disruptions permitting the establishment of extremist, collectivist governments that brutally oppressed their populations.   Next came war, during which there was extensive social and cultural re-engineering simultaneous to food, fuel, and other resource shortages that led to massive starvation, forced re-location, and extermination.   Government preparations [30] for all of these are being reported now, including the latest calls from the Cancun Climate Change Summit for WW2-style rationing [31] .

The RAND corporation released a report in 2008 [32] [33] stating that the only way out of the current economic crisis is World War 3.  Sound familiar?  It’s 1938 all over again, and the same pattern of economic failure, social instability, authoritarian governments, and war are likely to re-occur.

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best, spread the information, and help others as much as you can whenever you can.   Forward this message to your friends. 1.      The Economic Collapse blog, December 30, 2010

17 National Debt Statistics Which Prove That We Have Sold Our Children And Grandchildren Into Perpetual Debt Slavery


2.      Stansberry Research Investment Advisory Video, December, 2010


Download the video to watch offline (162 MB)


Read the transcript of the video


3.      Natural News.tv, December 27, 2010 – Mike Adams

Black Friday madness reveals animalistic behavior of modern people


Download the video to watch offline using this link


4.      Shadowstats is run by the economist John Williams and it is referenced by many who do not accept the ever-optimistic and inaccurate government figures.  Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Dept. Secretary of Treasury under Pres. Reagan, creator of Reagonomics, uses Shadowstats because they simply utilize government data but interpret via older government formulae that gives a more realistic view of the economy.




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Tent city highlights US homes crisis


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Download the 476 KB document here


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Download the 6.1 MB document here


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27. Wise Up Journal’s copy of the above Games Monitor article also has supporting links

London 2012: one big party or one big prison?


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Download 4 page PDF (1.1 MB) document


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33. Alex Abella, Soldiers of Reason: The Rand Corporation and the American Empire , Manner Books, 2009, ISBN-10: 0156033445


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