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Cops bust seven men playing chess in upper Manhattan park

Drop that bishop and come out with your hands up!

A squad of cops in bulletproof vests swooped into an upper Manhattan park and charged seven men with the “crime” of playing chess in an area off-limits to adults unaccompanied by kids — even though no youngsters were there.

“Is chess really something that should be considered a threat to the neighborhood?” Inwood resident and mom Joanne Johnson wrote Mayor Bloomberg, the City Council and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly after the raid.

“This incident is an embarrassment to the officers from the 34th Precinct who felt that it was necessary to use their badge and authority to issue such a random summons.”

ROOKED: Junior Mendoza says cops only “should have given us a warning.”

ROOKED: Junior Mendoza says cops only “should have given us a warning.”

The knights in Kevlar armor gave all seven suspects desk-appearance tickets.

The chess tables where they were ticketed for “failure to comply with signs” are in a fenced-in area where posted notices read: “Adults allowed in playground areas only when accompanied by a child under the age of 12.”

Police said the rule protects kids from pedophiles or others who might want to harm them.

A police source added, “It’s the broken windows theory . . . small things can turn into bigger things. Some citizens may see it as police harassment, but God forbid something happens to a child, people would be complaining, Why didn’t the police enforce these rules? That’s what they would be griping about.”

Yacahuda “Y.A.” Harrison, 49, one of those chess aficionados, said he saw those signs months ago and “asked the [Parks] ranger if we had permission to be there.”

“The ranger said, ‘Oh no, that’s fine, that’s only written for pedophiles.’ ”

Since then, he said, parents have welcomed him and the other players — and even had their kids take chess lessons from them.

“The day we got picked up, there were no kids” in the playground, he said. “They treated us like drug dealers. All we were doing was playing chess.”

Harrison, like the others, must appear in Manhattan Criminal Court on Dec. 28 for the Oct. 20 incident.

Another man ticketed that day, Inwood resident and artist Junior “Chiqui” Mendoza, 46, said that the police “should have given us a warning, and not a ticket.”

Margaret Blachly, a teacher who took her students to the park yesterday, said, “There are often a lot of rules in this park that get broken, and no summonses are issued.

“If the tables are there to play chess, that’s what they should be allowed to do.”

But Parks Department First Deputy Commissioner Liam Kavanagh said the rule is “designed to protect children using our playgrounds and to deter inappropriate adult use of space designated specifically for children.”

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said, “Police acted appropriately in issuing criminal summonses last month to men in a section of Inwood Hill Park restricted to children with their parents or other minders.

“The precinct conditions team responded to community complaints about drinking, drug use and other problems, including violations of Park Department regulations designed to protect children. One of men had priors for reckless endangerment, grand larceny, drug possession, and criminal mischief.”


Gerald Celente: Currency Wars + Trade Wars = Real Wars

America Surrenders

Barry Ferguson

The sad tale of the greatest country in the world unwilling to fight.

I always wondered what it would feel like. A collective will is broken. A great people are humbled. Concessions are made. The symbolic white flag is raised. Surrender is offered. Control is conceded. Power is transferred. A new era begins. ‘America’ surrenders. It is not a good feeling.

Her people have been demoralized and humiliated by the turnstiles of indiscriminate personal invasion at airports. They have been bullied and intimidated by government regulators wielding authoritarian power. They have had their land and property seized. Their currency has long been hijacked. Skyscrapers have been imploded, military engagements have been fallaciously deployed, and financial promises have been rescinded. American ingenuity and courage have been supplanted by ignorance and cowardice. America can’t control her borders, can’t control her currency, can’t control her economy, can’t control her debt, and now entertains words of defeat – ‘default’ and ‘bankruptcy’. America has been through war and she is tired. She surrendered to the Federal Reserve Bank with the acceptance of QE2.

No, there was no military battle and there was no conquering army. America cannot be defeated by conventional military tactics. But America has surrendered to the banker elite. The banker elite poisoned her with profound ignorance and broke her will with virulent debt. They positioned their primary weapon under the noses of her imbecilic Congress (Ron Paul excluded) in Washington and disguised it as the Federal Reserve Bank. Those with functioning brains cells know it to be neither ‘Federal’ nor a ‘Reserve’. But their numbers are minuscule compared to those eager to embrace the idea of a benevolent omniscient omnipotent currency genie. It has been a long and persistent battle. But with the implementation and acceptance of the Fed’s QE2, it seems America has finally conceded. She went down without a whimper or hardly a protest. According to the Federal Reserve Bank, without another trillion dollar injection, we risk economic and market calamity. Likewise, according to a heroin pusher, we need another fix. To avoid that scenario, all America has to do is submit to an large debt issuance that the Fed promises to buy and the Fed will let its subjects keep their big houses, shiny cars, and charge cards for a while longer. America has given up control, capital, and currency. She has also spurned the responsibility of credit and self-reliance. The banker elites have finally won. How did they do it? What happens now? We can only pray that God sends us another Andrew Jackson!

First we need to understand the conquerers. Their primary weapons are control of currency and credit. Consider the following quotation from United States Banker Magazine:

“Our top leaders are perfectly aware of the truth. They are presently working at establishing an imperialism of the capital to rule the world. But while they are implementing this plan, they must keep the people busy with political antagonisms.”


“We’ll therefore speed up the question of reform in the custom rates by the political organization called the Democratic Party; and we’ll put the spotlight on the question of protection and of the reciprocity by the Republican Party.”

And further:

“By dividing the electorate this way, we’ll be able to have them spend their energies at struggling amongst themselves on questions that, for us, have no importance whatsoever, and on which we only touch upon as instructors of the common flock.”

Some readers may be familiar with this passage. Most would be surprised to learn that these lines were taken from manuscript first published in 1892 and reprised in different publications through the years. For this article, the following website was used as a source of the text: http://www.breakfornews.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5593.

As for their strategy, they have not deviated. Again, from 1892:

“Let us make use of the courts… When, through the law’s intervention, the common people shall have lost their homes, they will be more easy to control and more easy to govern. and they shall not be able to resist the strong hand of the government acting in accordance with… the control of the leaders of finance.” – United States Bankers magazine, 1892 quoted in the Michael Journal, Jan. – Feb., 2003

Clearly, the banker elite have been intent on capturing America for some time and in fact, since the beginning of her sovereignty. Their weapon has been the ability to sell and extend credit in place of real money. The credit weapon is most efficient when detonated from a central location. The banker cartel cleverly waited until the European Central Bank (ECB) was established to rule the European Union members before making the final assault. Now the Fed controlled the US and the ECB controlled Europe. Both central banks could now work through the BIS to expand indebtedness with the use of derivatives and credit default swaps. The real estate bomb was activated. We, the people, took the bait of available credit from the bankers like Eve took the apple from the serpent. The participating banks incurred no risks in extending credit to customers as they were ‘guaranteed’ to survive by the central banks imposing their ‘too big to fail’ status. You can read my previous article entitled, Watch Your Asterisk to learn that even the trillion-plus MBS paper on the Fed’s balance sheet is ‘guaranteed’ by the taxpayer through Fannie and Freddie. The bomb went off with the collapse of real estate. Luetinents like Henry Paulson were dispensed to get the original surrender documents signed. TARP and QE1 quickly followed.

Now we have to understand the conquered. The war, the attacks, and the surrender have all been carried out by well educated, well spoken, well dressed gentlemen who all claim to be on our side. They have all worked to keep the Dow Jones Industrial Average bouyant so the populous’s 401(k)s illuminate the illusion of prosperity. This ‘illusion of prosperity’ has come at a great toll as the average American has seen their real estate values contracted, their wages garnished by the taxation of inflation and government spending, their futures forfeited to a cripled economy, and their currency’s purchasing power diminished. The ignorant populus feeds from a bucket of oats while a new master fits them for a bridle and a saddle. Rockets could be fired from a Chinese submarine just off our western coast and the average American would be more concerned about their favorite dancing star on a television program. Money has always been a source of righteous seduction. Likewise, debt has always been the conduit of fiscal glutony. And credit is the irresistible seducer pimped by the banks and covetted by the populace. We wanted more than we could handle. Now we are on all fours with a nefarious banker on our back gouging his spurs into our flanks.

The elite bankers are the victors and the Fed’s launch of QE2 is the equivalent to their raising their own flag over Washington. America must now admit that she can’t make it on her own. She can’t operate her own economy. She can’t print her own currency. She can’t live under a capitalist philosophy whereby bankrupt banks are allowed to declare bankruptcy. America no longer has the courage to guide her own course or face the truth. Clearly the American people have ceded control over their currency to the Federal Reserve but have now also ceded control of the entire economy. I could give you quotes from the Rothschilds concerning the control of currency and real power but I think we all know that ultimate control over an economy rests in the lap of the currency dispensor. In case you have been watching MSNBC non-stop, that would be the Federal Reserve. The Fed’s QE2 program will inject roughly $112 billion (the announced $900 billion package divided by the next 8 months) confetti dollars per month for the next eight months into the banks (primarily Goldman, Citi, BofA, and JP Morgan) in exchange for Treasuries and MBS (Mortgage Backed Securities) paper. The economy, the currency, and the Dow Jones Industrials are now in the hands of the Federal Reserve. Will QE2 save America from economic dispare? Let’s be honest. Here are a few points to chew on.

1) Is the economy so bad that after a $2 trillion dollar QE1, it now needs another trillion? I thought the government said the recession was over?

2) If QE1 didn’t lower unemployment, why would QE2 do the trick?

3) The Fed is using the excuse of potential deflation to prime the currency pump. Yet, and I won’t belabor the point, everything in our immediate economy is inflating in price. In my own personal space, my car battery died. Has anyone bought a battery lately? Mine cost $103 dollars! I told the guy installing the battery that I am not that old but I remember batteries costing $50 or $60 dollars. The technician looked to be in his thirties and and said sadly enough he had the same recollection. Deflation? Hardly!

4) The Fed says it wants banks to lend more so therefore they need an injection of cash. Bull-shivers! This is about moving the bad mortgage paper off the bankers’ balance sheets and sticking the country with the resulting debt. Treasury purchases are a diversion. War is ugly. If the Fed really wanted to lower the yields on Treasury bonds to make loans more attractive, why don’t they buy the bonds or notes directly from the Treasury Department like you and I can? The reason is the Fed is buying America’s debts and mortgages with confetti and that kind of money has to be laundered through the banks. Why do they even go to the obvious point to publish the exact time of day that they are going to be buyingTreasuries on the ‘open market’? Doesn’t that allow the shill banks to ‘front-run’ the Fed’s buy program? Isn’t that illegal?

5) Why do we as a people allow the Fed to manipulate our economy? Again, the Fed is not ‘Federal’. It is a private bank of foreign ownership. Why would I say that? The Fed is not audited and will not allow such an audit. Only a foreign bank would have that authority to rebuff such attempts. Further, why can’t we as a people stand on our own two feet? Why do we need constant injections and stimulus from the monetary ruler? When prices are too high, we quit buying. The economy falls into recession. Prices come down. We save our money. We eventually start buying again. The economy grows. Repeat. That’s the grand economic cycle. This Fed is intent on keeping our spending up to deplete the country of real capital that is now in foreign hands. We are easier to contol this way.

6) Given the Fed’s lack of sovereignty, why would we let a foreign power absorb all of our debt paper and real estate paper? Sure, the Chinese and Japanese have already accumulated a lot of our debt. But there is a balance of trade, or an imbalance of trade, at work in that equation. What if a foreign bank in a land with no trading relationship with the US announced a large Treasury purchase? Would we protest? What if Iran announced they were buying a trillion of our Treasury debt? What if Cuba announced they were buying a trillion of our currency debt? Would we allow that to happen? Would we surrender to them? Other countries like Brazil are currently applying hefty taxation to foreign buyers of their debt as an impediment to this parasitic practice.

7) Surely without Fed manipulation, we could anticipate several developments. The Treasury would have to offer higher interest coupons to sell debt thus driving up interest rates. The stock market would fall considerably. The economy would resume a necessary recessionary course. The currency would probably strengthen. Aren’t these the very events the Fed is trying to avert? As a people, Americans cannot live with a falling stock market. America can no longer accept reality. Thus, she has waved the white flag.

8) QE2 or QE3 or whatever will finally launder all the bad mortgage debt from the banks’ balance sheets. America’s debt will soon surmount the $14,000,000,000,000.00 mark with no peak in sight. More and more of the county’s assets will go to pay the interest on the debt. How again, does the country benefit from Fed intervention? Most importantly, that’s not even the point. The Fed Chairman’s job is to look after the well-being of the Fed!

What happens now? I suspect at some point the Fed will engineer another ‘false flag’ event to drive stock indices much lower. They will seize upon the opportunity and reach out to the American people who will be cowering beneath their vastly reduced retirement funds. The Fed will likely offer to make the funds whole if the owners agree to convert to a government sponsored annuity. At that point, the Fed will be the largest ‘economy’ in the world. What would be their production? Slave labor of course. The central bank has proven they will stop at nothing. They are tenacious and persistent. Those who stand in their way have been crushed (except for Andrew Jackson). History has taught us that much. Let me close with a quote from former President, James Garfield.

“Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce… and when you realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another, by a few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate.” – 1881. President James Garfield – Howard, Milford Wriarson, The American Plutocracy, (New York, Holland Publishing Co. 1895) P. 158

A few weeks after making this statement, Garfield was assassinated (July 2, 1881). The truth can be dangerous.

S.510, Food Control (aka, People Control) for Dummies

Robert Palmer

“Monsanto,” one of the most powerful multi-national corporations in the world, and arguably a major player in The New World Order conspiracy aimed at controlling millions via the food they eat, probably needs no introduction.

The Powers That Be (TPTB, a non-conspiracy acronym) has been trying to get control of our food since 1970. [1]

Any idea who is stopping them? Answer: You

You and I have been doing a great job for years, but Houston, we have a problem.

Today, 11/17/2010: the greatest threat to our food sovereignty in history, the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010 (S.510), is on the floor of the U.S. Senate, and the food activists are sitting on the side lines ignoring the pleas for help.

Monsanto uses overt and covert strategies to accomplish their goals. They don’t leave important matters like “food” to chance. Monsanto counted on our apathy from the beginning.

To understand this abnormal behavior, we have to return to the scene of the 2009 crime, when the father of S.510 was introduced into the Congress, HR.875. [2]

The activists were out in force trying to stop HR.875, the bill That Will Kill All Farms and Eat Your Babies.

The problem was that the opposition to HR.875 wasn’t telling the truth about the bill.

The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) tried to counter the disinformation from the opposition.

OCA assured organic advocates that HR.875, the Food Safety and Modernization Act, is only “trying to improve the safety of food products derived from large industrial processing facilities and does not intend to trample organic farmers, backyard gardeners or consumers of fresh local foods.”

But the onslaught from the “controlled” opposition was relentless and continued to spread lies, half-lies and half-truths about HR.875. [3]

Spreading misinformation, misleading or outright false information is not the way to defeat “food safety” legislation. When you make that misinformed, but well-intentioned, call to your Congressman, you are doing exactly what Monsanto wants – coming across as an ill-informed and hysterical extremist.

The Cornucopia Institute and OCA tried to set the record straight with the April 3 press release, Family Farmers Fear Being Run over by Food Safety Juggernaut and sent out a mass e-mail exposing the role of the HR.875 disinformation agents:

Subject: RETRACTION: URGENT! Monsanto Bill to Ban Organic Food:

“Monsanto, or one of their proxy groups, is actually feeding libertarian groups disinformation on this bill. [3]

Unfortunately OCA was too late. Organic food activists were burned out from the emails faxes and phone calls complaining about HR.875 killing their gardens and eating their babies.

No wonder no one is taking S.510 seriously.

In 2009, you got an email that said:

It Would Nationalize Farming- Destroy Organics- Even Attack Your Private Garden!

In 2010 the emails say:

It Would Nationalize Farming- Destroy Organics- Even Attack Your Private Garden!

We were conned by Monsanto last year with a sophisticated disinformation campaign.

But it’s not too late, especially now that the Senate voted for cloture; click here to oppose S.510 Food Safety and S.3767 FDA Criminal Enforcement legislation. [4]

And don’t forget to take up your hoes and join the 43 million urban gardeners at www.pathtofreedom.com who are forming “local living sustainable communities,” like City Repair in Portland.

Robert D. Palmer


[1] G. William Domhoff, a Research Professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz first coined the non-conspiracy acronym TPTB. He received his Ph.D. at the University of Miami. He has been teaching at the University of California, Santa Cruz, since 1965. Four of his books are among the top 50 best sellers in sociology for the years 1950 to 1995: Who Rules America?

[2] Monsanto uses overt and covert strategies to accomplish their goals. Monsanto was behind both sides of the battle over HR.875 in 2009. They don’t leave important matters like these to chance.

  • Monsanto’s tentacles reach into every aspect of our society: government, private industry, the military, law enforcement and, of course, agriculture. Large, small, organic and non-organic farmers – and don’t forget libertarian grass roots activists – are all influenced directly and indirectly by Monsanto. In Monsanto’s world, there is no room for the family farmer. The company’s well-known corporate bullying tactics have made this clear. Just ask Percy Schmeiser, the brave Canola farmer who dared to take on Monsanto.
  • HR.875’s vague wording was intentional.
  • Family Farmers (organic and non-organic) are under attack, but not by Congresswoman DeLauro, the author of HR.875 whose husband was a political consultant to Monsanto 10 years ago.
  • The timing of HR.875 coincided with the slow food, Locavore, and urban gardening movements in the United States and, for that matter, any slow food movement anywhere in the world.
  • The E-coli and salmonella outbreaks related to spinach, tomatoes and peanuts are the work of Monsanto’s agents: Things don’t happen; they’re made to happen.
  • Healthy Family Farm owner Sharon Palmer was arrested for selling raw goat milk, and the Ohio food co-op raided Gestapo-style was obviously instigated by Monsanto agents in a move designed to intimidate urban gardeners.

[3] April 2009: Snopes on HR 875, Mostly False

It doesn’t matter if libertarian grandmother Linn Cohen-Cole, or Paul, a farmer from Wisconsin, were accidental dupes or knowing agents of Monsanto’s disinformation campaign.

The very clear and present danger was that our “unelected representatives” would be forced to sit down and actually read HR.875. But when they do, they won’t find a ban on heirloom seeds, farmers markets or backyard gardening, because it isn’t there. Does anyone think Monsanto would actually put in writing that we are going to arrest Michelle Obama for planting a garden?

If they did, our representatives wouldn’t need a flood of frantic messages hollering that HR.875 is the bill that will “kill all farms and eat your babies.” No, believe it or not, our representatives eat and go to farmers markets just like we do.

So who was behind the HR.875 disinformation campaign?

The Natural Solutions Foundation (NSF) originated the Linn Cole articles.

The Organic Consumers Association and other legitimate heath advocates have been questioning the NSF for several years, and the criticism is universally the same: Why does the NSF keep turning out factually inaccurate, hysterically grim articles such as Linn Cole’s?

The answers start with the NSF founders, disinformation professionals husband-wife team Albert Stubblebine and Rima Laibow. My conclusion is Stubblebine and Laibow are using the Natural Solutions Foundation – and Linn Cole – to undermine the health freedom community by spreading disinformation about HR.875.

Stubblebine is a retired U.S. Army major general who designed AEGIS, “a major Homeland Security private initiative.” Given this background and his ties to the U.S. intelligence community, eyebrows were raised in the health freedom community in early 2005 when, along with Laibow, Stubblebine launched the NSF website and began to promote his wife as an expert on Codex Alimentarius, the commission working to adopt strict new guidelines for vitamin and mineral supplements.

Dr. Rath, founder of the 4.dr-rath-foundation, a legitimate health advocacy group, and the author of “A Modern Major General Exposed?” writes: “It quickly became apparent to experienced health freedom observers that Stubblebine either hadn’t done his homework properly, or that he and Laibow were intentionally spreading inaccurate and misleading material about Codex and other related dietary supplement issues via their website and press releases.

Moreover, despite repeated concerns being expressed by more experienced health freedom observers, Stubblebine and Laibow continued to disseminate this material, and pointedly ignored requests to remove it from their website.”

Dr. Rima Laibow, in her YouTube video “Codex Alimentarious & Nutricide,” is the source of the false claims that WHO or FAO have Codex “epidemiological projections.”

[4] By a vote of 74 to 25, at noon today, the U.S. Senate voted for cloture on S 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act, which means it must now be voted on in the full Senate within 60 days. All amendments to the controversial food control bill must be completed by that time. Full article: http://www.thepeoplesvoice.org/TPV3/Voices.php/2010/11/17/breaking-senate-votes-cloture-on-s-510-m

Federal Reserve and IRS = private corporations!

Survival Gardening

Delia L. in Oregon

As we near to the end of the days of the dollar as reserve currency for the world, feeding our families becomes much more important. Most gardens go in over a late spring weekend with little thought given to trying to keep a family fed during the winter. My focus is on growing food year round with an emphasis on nutritional content. There are ways to keep tomatoes growing later in the season, or trying to keep greens growing year round. What can we grow that can be stored without electricity or canning. What can we save seed from in order to become more self reliant. Gardening can save you a lot of money while improving your health. Talk about a win-win situation! We use small raised bed garden areas for winter gardening 4′ wide with almost a foot of elevation. We live in Oregon and the winters constant rains can flood everything drowning your dinner. I use ½” PVC sections cut 10′ long and hooked onto short rebar sections beat into the dirt and covered with clear plastic to keep off the produce rotting rains and help keep it a few degrees warmer inside the hoop house. The ground stays a bit warmer anyway so low to the ground hoops work well. I also save gallon jugs filled with water to use to hold the plastic down and act as a heat sink to help keep things from freezing. So fold the plastic in and put the jugs inside the hoop. Spinach, lettuces, cabbage, carrots etc will all take some light freezes. This gives you some fresh foods coming in all winter long.

For winter focus on spinach, mustards, dandelions and other nutritious greens. Many started mid-summer can be kept growing slowly under a cloche in the winter. Low levels of light drastically limit plant growth rates. So pre planning and spacing become vital. I start planting for winter harvest in July. when the heat is on, few of us think about starting seeds. July is a good time to start carrots, cabbage, broccoli, lettuce and potatoes for overwintering. I also like to start Walla Walla onions and garlic in September. If you have never had fresh, home grown garlic you are in for a treat. It is up there with home grown tomatoes and corn for taste improvement over the store bought veggies. It is important to keep the winter garden seeds moist while germinating, which can be a little tricky when it is hot. I bought a new timer from Bi-mart that has a 6- hour setting. It worked quite well keeping my seeds moist. This works on batteries so put away several or set up a battery charger you can crank by pedaling a bicycle, or get a small solar charger. I try to automate as much as I can. You will want to get most vegetables planted by the beginning of August, depending on the maturity dates of the varieties you select. Varieties that have around a 60 day expected maturity can go in as late as mid August. I like to try to plant spinach and lettuces every two weeks almost year round.

Potatoes and carrots can be kept out in the garden and harvested as needed all winter long. I grow a lot of garlic and onions to store in a cool dry area, One of the best things to grow are winter squashes. Acorn squashes are high in vitamins and minerals and are easy to store for the winter, there are many winter squashes our grandparents used to grow to have food for the winter. Sweet meat, pink banana delicata the list goes on. All are nutritious, easy to grow, easy to store and easy to save seeds from. Cabbages can be grown for winter use and kept in the garden under a plastic cover for quite some time and get sweeter with frosts. Or they can be piled in a card board box in a cool garage or basement. When one starts to go bad you can slice it up for sauerkraut or kimchi fermented food have additional health benefits.

I have a shelves in my garage and pantry about 18” apart. I get card board boxes and use an X-acto knife to cut holes for ventilation and fill them with onions, squashes, apples, beets, pears and other food that stores in a cool dry place. Carrots, potatoes and other root crops can be stored in damp sand in a plastic barrel or tub if you need the space open for your winter garden. The winter garden needs more space than a summer garden because sunshine is at a premium. Space is also needed in order to allow ventilation to avoid mildews. A spray of baking soda and water can be used to treat mold and mildew. I use a table spoon of baking soda in a quart spray bottle. My secret weapon for amazing plant growth is manure tea I use a cheap aquarium pump with air stones in a barrel with a bit of manure (I use horse manure, since we have loads of it,) and water. Using this I would have orchids bloom for months on end. Things got too hectic to continue with my normal garden activities and I started using a store bought fertilizer and my orchids quit blooming.

The planning is most important and often not done. How much of what do you need to feed a family for a year? How much space will it take to grow it? How much space will be needed to store it? What conditions are needed for the best storage cool/dry? Cool moist? Say for instance you want to have cabbage every week so you need to grow 52 cabbages. Do you need to plant them all at once? A long season cabbage? Or do you grow a 60 day variety? Do you plant out 6 every month and then plant enough to get you through the winter July 15? Will you cover them with a plastic hoop house and store them in the garden or put them in card board boxes and create a type of root cellar storage area? How many winter squashes and of what kind? I plant acorn squashes in the middle of a section of field fencing formed into a circle, the vines climb the wire and keep the squash off the ground and save a lot of space. If you want to have squash every week you will need to grow 52 of them! Maybe 10 acorn and 10 pink banana 10 sweet meat 10 pumpkins 10 Butter nuts and 10 sweet potato squash. I grow most of my squashes even pumpkins on fence rounds I grow cucumbers on them and tomatoes in them. The holes are big enough I can get my hands in for picking, they hold the fruit up off the ground and save space. I will get 10 acorns off 2 fence sections depending on the growth style if the plant is a vining type I can grow three plants in one fence section. You must stake them down I use regular T posts beat into the ground.

I cover my garden area with black plastic to warm the soil and cut down on weeding. I have drip tubes on a timer under the plastic to help block them from the UV rays so they last longer. These go on automatically. I have the same set up for my orchard. I have a gravity fed spring with a holding tank and high water usage mid summer when water production is lower. My timers go on in the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping and water usage is low. The tubing is black so I worry if the water went on mid afternoon the water would come out to hot it would harm my plants. I have built a test solar heater out of black 1 ½ “ abs pipes glued together and laid on the ground with a small tank on a chair to see if we could heat water that way, how long it would take etc. It heated water surprisingly quickly. So I started worrying about the black drip tubing scalding my plants after that! So for acorn squash I can plan on two fence sections for growing area and 1 card board box on the wooden shelf will hold 10 squashes and they generally will last till they are eaten. Pink banana squash are delicious and easy to grow. The label says not for the space conscious it should say when planted in Oregon some vines may reach Kentucky! Plant them on the edge and watch them go they are very productive. They are also quite large so 1 squash would feed many people or have leftovers that could need to be canned or? If there is no electricity and we were having to make due without refrigeration. So with every pro; big feeds a lot. There is a con; may need to can up leftovers. If the SHTF and the refrigerator is kaput! In the winter we could use a plywood box in the back of the house (north side under the firewood storage area) as a refrigerator. I don’t know how far along you are in your long term survival planning. Try to think of as many things to be ready now.

If you want the most bang for your buck plant fruit trees. A few fruit trees can be placed quite close together and provide a lot of food every year with little work. I surrounded my fruit trees with a fence to keep deer out and my chickens in! My coop is located on the edge of my orchard so my chickens act as pest management and dropped fruit clean up system. Many fruit tree pests will go into a larval stage and be in the dirt at the base of the tree where the chickens can scratch them up or climb up the trunk where the chickens can pick them off. I use a heavy oil to help smother other bugs and avoid most poison sprays. Also berries, I have blueberries and grapes and as many other foods as I can incorporate into my landscaping. I also have planted nut trees a good protein source once they start producing. Also consider medicinal herb plants. Witch hazel and cramp bark are two good ones to have witch hazel helps clean wounds and kill germs, and cramp bark is good for menstrual cramps or cramps from wounds or back strain. A preppers knowledge should incorporate medicinal herbs in plant form. God makes better medicines than men. It is high time we learned how to use them, before we really have to.

A myth has developed that you can not grow food from vegetables grown from saved hybrid seeds. That is not quite accurate. The fact is a seed taken from a hybrid tomato will grow a tomato just not necessarily a tomato the same as the one it came from. When you are hungry even a lousy tasting tomato is food. If you plant several seeds you can get several different tomato plants growing. Save one of the best tomatoes from a plant that grows and plant seeds from it. In three generations it will grow true. You can plant garlic or potatoes from the store and get starts that way. They are often treated with an anti-sprout chemical but at some point nature will over ride the chemical and if that is all you have use it. I have done this with sweet potatoes as well. Not great sprouting results but once you get some growing you can save starts from them. The most important thing is to get going! The sooner you start the more prepared you will be.

Vegetable Seeds

I agree with an earlier SurvivalBlog posting on the hybrid seed issue they do grow well. I have a friend that has grown his own seeds now for five years and his garden is amazing all the plants now have been bred specifically for his micro climate so if you have some hybrid seeds save them for when you can not get food and must grow some to survive. Practice now growing your own seeds!

Some good seed suppliers:

GoodwinCreekGardens.com (A good place to get medicinal herb plants)

I am attempting to grow my own varieties of seeds so we will see how that works out this spring, I also have other seeds saved just in case. I store my seeds in a gallon jar in the pantry cool dry and I put baked drywall cubes in as a desiccant. You can store beans rice etc in trash cans lined with plastic bags with a bowl of baked drywall cubes in it secure the plastic with a metal twisty after sucking out excess air. To make baked drywall cut drywall into 1” cubes and bake on a cookie sheet for 20 minutes at 350. Beans stored this way last for decades. If you read any of the survival blogs from Argentina when Goldman Sachs and Citibank looted their country privatizing the profits and publicizing the debts (sound familiar?) They all say I wish I had more food! Buy food think beans and wheat, since gold and silver are worthless when you are starving.